Medical Scribe at Emergency Medicine Scribe Systems
Biological Science '12
Quality Assurance Technician at Nutralite
Biological Science '10
Clinical lab technician at Ambry Genetics
Biological Science '12
Biochemistry '12
Doctoral Student in Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
Biological Science '11
Ph.D. Program, Physical Chemistry, University of Chicago
Biochemistry '12
Quest Diagnostics Employee
Biochemistry '12
Biochemistry '14
Engineering Physics '12
Engineering Physics '16
Biochemistry '14
Reporter, KXXV, Waco, Texas
Broadcast Journalism '14
Reporter, WTOP, Washington, D.C.
Broadcast Journalism '07
Reporter, WISC-TV, Madison, Wisconsin
Broadcast Journalism '12
Associate Professor of Drawing & Painting and Director of the Friesen Galleries at Northwest Nazarene University
Boise, ID
Law Student, USC Gould School of Law
Political Science Alumnus
US News and Review, Washington, D.C.
Writing and Publishing
Georgetown Law School
Political Science Alumnus
Artist-in-residence at the Dirt Palace; Makes of abstract sculptures and videos that reference the body in awkward and surprising ways
Providence, RI
Works part-time in a small boutique that sells local artwork, handmade jewelry, and crafts
San Diego, CA
Shoots weddings; Documents different places and people with whom she interacts
Los Angeles, CA
Creates personal studio artwork I Freelances as an art installer, mostly for Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects
Los Angeles, CA
Runs her own stationery company, MaeMae Paperie
Lancaster, CA
Director of creative and visuals for a Nike concept store, Salvation; Freelance Graphic Designer
Long Beach, CA
Combines photography and design for the music industry.
Los Angeles, CA
Graphic Designer
Lakewood, CA
B.M. Performance (Voice) '12

Biola not only helped me progress musically, but also helped me keep the importance of love and family in perspective. All of the professors truly cared about our spiritual growth as well as growth in our particular fields. Dr. Lock was my teacher and mentor and I will never forget the things he did for me at Biola. As I emerge as a professional artist I will always be mindful and thankful of the spiritual growth and love that I received in my time at Biola. ”

B.M. Music Performance (Piano) '06

Two professors greatly impacted my life as a Christian and a musician. Mrs. Kawamura showed me and taught me, through her faith and performance, how a Christian pianist can praise God through classical music. Mr. Gary Woodward taught me the joy and beauty of creating music with others through accompanying his students. It was such a privilege to learn under these two great Christian musicians at Biola.”

Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger
B.M. Composition (Piano) '14

Through the faculty's integrated encouragement and honest critique, I have been apprenticed in my craft, equipped to see and to listen, to diagnose and to learn. They have aided in coaxing my intentions and creative fragments into unique realities, and they have shown me the immense possibilities while putting the tools in my hands. Biola's Composition Department provided a place for me to be richly and individually challenged, stretched, strengthened and matured, and through their mentorship, I am able to confidently continue this lifelong journey of learning!”

Worship Leader, Recording Artist, Songwriter
B.S. Music in Worship (Voice and Piano) '11

Biola provided me with the strong musical and biblical foundation I needed to pursue my career as a Christian artist and worship leader. The passion and talent that exists among the students is unmatched and helps inspire a close-knit community of creatives excited about impacting the world for God's glory. In addition to the education and experiences I received, the connections I made with other students and faculty at Biola have helped me advance in my ministry career since graduation.”

Worship Leader, Songwriter
B.S. Music in Worship (Guitar) '12

My time at Biola prepared me for the adventures of ministry. My classes and professors equipped me to serve the church in several capacities. I’ll always be thankful for the Biola community and the environment it provided to pursue my calling as an artist and worship leader.”

Concert Pianist
B.M. Performance (Piano) '15

My time at Biola was absolutely invaluable to me in fostering a daily pursuit of truth, refinement, and fullness in Christ. It is not only that I look back and see that this school and community helped bring me to a new place of maturity and equipped me to enter a graduate program I am excited about, but Biola has also prepared me for an ongoing life of transformation, so that I may continue to grow in both Christlikeness and musical excellence.”

Co-host, Blurred Radio and Founder, Martina Brand Therapy
B.M. Composition (Keyboard) '09

Studying composition with phenomenal teachers like Denham, Watts, and Wills granted a sometimes surprising preparation for my work in branding and creative development. From Denham, I learned about timing and anticipation, and to push beyond the expected. From Wills, about economy of means in Stravinsky and Beethoven - the subtle but consistent weaving of a few powerful ideas throughout a whole work. From Watts, to always define the goals first and measure successfulness by how accurately you achieved them. And from Marlin Owen, a frustrating and insatiable curiosity about every aspect of the creative endeavor. My work creating worlds and telling stories for brands incorporates all of these lessons into a cohesive and exhilarating cocktail of art-meeting-commerce, and I am grateful to those mentors for their forbearance and passion. ”

B.M. Composition (Oboe) '11

My time at Biola prepared me for life as a young composer in more ways than one. My mentors gave me priceless guidance, both artistic and practical, in succeeding as a professional musician. I know I can approach any new project, commission, or collaboration with confidence because of what I learned at the Biola Conservatory. ”

B.M. Performance (Voice) '04

My time at Biola prepared me musically and professionally for a teaching and performing career. I am so thankful for the unique learning and performance opportunities. In particular, I am grateful for the wisdom, mentorship, and inspired teaching of Dr. Jeanne Robinson, Dr. William Lock, and Marlin Owen. ”

Performing Artist and Strings Instructor
B.M. Performance (Violin) '13

The most meaningful part of my Conservatory experience was all the time that faculty invested in mentoring me, both in a professional sense and in a personal sense. They were so generous with their time, and I was able to learn so much from seeing their lives on display. The mixture of high standards and interpersonal grace that I saw in my private instructor’s life provided me with a model of how to interact with students and colleagues who may not know Christ yet. ”

Performing Artist
B.M. Performance (Violin)

During my time at Biola, I was continually encouraged by those around me to become a better violinist. Not only this, but I had the opportunity to think through the purpose of my career in an environment that inspired me to think deeper about life. This is what undergrad should be about. ”

Nurse, Peace Corp Community Health Volunteer
B.M. Performance (Viola) '10

Attending Biola as both a nursing and music performance student allowed me to glean from a host of professors and peers that have lived out their faith in a variety of professions. The personal and spiritual growth that I experienced from my time at Biola has empowered me to share Christ’s love with others regardless of whether I am giving medications to a patient in the ER, playing my viola in church or assisting in compiling the district reports of teenage pregnancy and newly acquired HIV infections in an African village. ”

Composer, Pianist, Educator
B.M. Composition and Performance (Piano)

My experience as a student at Biola was transformative, both musically and spiritually. The first-rate music faculty was nurturing and supportive of me, even years after I graduated. I am blessed to have made friends with students and faculty who continue to enrich my life.”

Instrumental Music Teacher
B.M. Music Education (Flute) '13

Biola gave me so much more than just a degree to enter the field of music education. The courses, communities, and professors at Biola taught me how to truly impact the world for Christ by pursuing my career with the fervor and excellence that is reflective of our Creator. The skills and disciplines I cultivated at Biola are priceless tools that will forever propel my career and desire to seek Christ in all that I do.”

B.M. Composition (Piano)

In the composition department at Biola, you can tailor your education to what fits your interests. Since I was particularly interested in writing for musical theatre, I spent much of my time during my last year honing my songwriting skills. Although I focused more on composing for theatre, I felt like my experience studying composition at Biola was very well rounded and I had the chance to write in many genres and for many instruments/ensembles as well.”

Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader
B.S. Music in Worship '11

Biola is a community like none other. During my time there I was surrounded by friends, staff and faculty that challenged me to take risks and trust the Lord with every aspect of my life. I am extremely grateful to have had a college experience that not only shaped my musicianship, but instilled a passion for Jesus and living fearlessly for Him. ”

International Opera Singer, Soprano
B.M. Performance (Voice) '04

Biola gave me incredible opportunities to perform lead solo roles while I was a student, something that became a huge advantage to me when I went on to study in London. I also had close working relationships with all the members of the staff and production team and first-hand (sometimes hands-on!) knowledge of all the elements of being a part of a wonderful show. Biola helped me begin to build a strong foundation of teamwork, respect, professionalism and the sheer joy of bringing music alive on-stage.”

Grammy Award Winning Performing Artist, Actress, Songwriter
B.M. Composition (Keyboard and Voice) '05

Everywhere you go, you wear your faith. When you have the Holy Spirit, when you have that core, it doesn’t falter. No matter what major, what classes you’re in or what you’re studying, soak it up. It’s what shapes you... Soak up the serenity, those peaceful places on campus. Once you leave, you have to be a lot more intentional.”

Performing and Recording Percussionist, Music Educator
B.M. Performance (Drums and Percussion) '14

Biola's gifted professors and loving community met me where I was at, helped to foster my growth, and inspired me to become the best musician I could be. Numerous ensembles and performance opportunities provided me with priceless experiences to work with many other musicians in different settings that prepared me for the professional world. After graduation I have been blessed to continue my relationship with the people I met at Biola (both faculty and students) who continually support me and show me what it means to truly trust God with my music career. ”

Baritone, Composer, Educator
B.M. Composition (Voice) '13

My experiences at Biola - especially those with applied faculty - helped me solidify the connection and intersection that is present between my craft as a musician, and my identity as a child of God. As I return to join the applied voice faculty, I hope that I can help my students identify the same crucial intersection that has informed my own musical preparation and performance.”

High School Music Educator
B.M. Performance (Trumpet) and Music Education '89

The biblical training was invaluable. And the broadness and depth of the Bible curriculum was a lot more valuable than I realized or appreciated at the time. It gave me a grounding in the faith and in issues that I wouldn't have otherwise received. The musical education I received gave me a solid foundation both as a performer and as a teacher. So many places have the technical things in place, but the music lacks the risk-taking and passion that is typical of Biola's ensembles. ”

Associate Professor of Music
B.M. Performance (Voice and Piano) '99

Many thanks to God, all my teachers, and the devoted secretaries that have made it possible to have gone this far. I look forward to carrying Biola's name forward as long as I can. ”

Assistant Professor of Music, Vanguard University and Adjunct Professor (Piano), Biola University
B.M. Performance (Piano) and Music Education '94

I would like to thank the music department (now conservatory) as a whole for your commitment to providing an outstanding music education integrated with Christian world view for students such as I was. I know God led me to attend Biola...and my time spent there greatly affected the direction of my life. ”

Accounting, B.A. '15, MPAcc '16

Biola's accounting program does an excellent job of preparing students for the workforce. Professors willingly help you in your studies, your recruiting and any other questions you may have. ”

Chemistry, B.A. '16

Studying Chemistry has allowed me to appreciate God's intricate design of the universe on a macroscopic scale, as well as on an atomic level.”

Christian Ministries, B.A. '16

I'm also thankful for the wisdom I've gained from my professors. They've helped me understand that true ministry flows out of my relationship with Jesus.”

English, B.A. '16

I love studying English at Biola because it has given me the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about literature from a Christian perspective.”

Journalism and Integrated Media, B.A. '16

In the journalism major at Biola University I am developing into an expert storyteller through a state-of-the-art education in writing, photo, video and online content. It is through this program that I have learned how to be a journalist who pairs curiosity with integrity, using media not to obscure, but to reveal the Gospel.”

Kinesiology, B.S. '17

Being a part of this major, I am able to minister to hearts as I also minister to bodies. Biola has fostered a place of growth in science and faith as I seek to glorify God in everything I do.”

Political Science, B.A. '17

Political Science and international relations has allowed me to understand more about Jesus' ministry on earth, to seek justice and give people hope in their darkness.”

Sociology, B.A. '17

I have some of the best professors who have real world experience. I enjoy combining my faith and major together to impact the world for Jesus Christ.”

Spanish, B.A. '18

Students will be equipped with the skills to not only speak, read and write Spanish, but will develop a greater understanding of the hispanic culture and how to fulfill the great commission.”

Theatre, B.A. '15

There are so many opportunities to get involved in the areas of the theatre that interest you most, whether that be hands-on while working on a show or by taking a specialized class, such as directing or stage makeup. It's like our own little family.”

Business Marketing, B.A. '16

Biola's business program doesn't just prepare me for my career; it prepares me for my future.”

Hosts portrait sessions for women to celebrate their essence; Teaches photo classes for people who want to get out of their box; Explores the sacred in the everyday with photography
Pasadena, CA
Journalism, B.A. '11
Journalism, emphasis in Visual Media, B.A. '08
Performing / Recording Artist (Keyboard)
B.S. Music in Worship

One of biggest thing music classes taught me was to be flexible. When playing for an artist day in and day out, anything can change at the last minute — sometimes seconds before going on stage, and you’re expected to adjust and perform as if you had been doing it for weeks.”

Matthew 25 Ministries Coordinator
B.A. Music '09

The opportunities I had at Biola to participate in multiple ensembles and work as a student leader in those ensembles prepared me for coordinating many projects and programs simultaneously. The chance to serve in Romania with the Biola Symphonic Winds was a life changing experience for me that opened the door to my current ministry and work in Haiti.”

Assistant Account Executive, Edelman, San Francisco, California
Journalism, emphasis in Public Relations, B.A. '14
Sales & Marketing Assistant, KATZ & Associates, San Diego, California
Journalism, B.A. '12
Public Relations and Outreach Coordinator, Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic of Whittier, California
Journalism, emphasis in Public Relations, B.A. '13
Theatre, B.A. '14

I am thankful to the supportive and caring faculty in the Theatre Department who were there for me through my highest highs and lowest lows. They helped me to prepare for various auditions outside of school, in particular my one for Regent, and are still an active part of my life today. There is not room enough to express all that my time at Biola meant to me. I am thankful to God for every lesson I learned and I do not take lightly the responsibility I have as a Biola alumna to spread the message of the Gospel to every environment God calls me to. ”

Theatre, B.A. '14

Go over and above on your studies. Be a servant and work for the good of where you have been sent. That makes a huge impact as a Christian in a non-Christian workplace. I myself have worked with several midsize theatre companies in the LA area, including Actor’s Co-Op and the Antaeus Company, in many different capacities, and have been invited to audition for both companies. I have started a small black box theatre in my hometown and have successfully opened my first show there. I have also worked as an assistant director in several small theaters in the Santa Barbara area and have been invited to direct shows there in the upcoming year.”

Editorial, fashion, commercial and portrait photographer
Long Beach, Calif.

... Being an artist doesn't begin at graduation. It begins the moment you decide, 'Yeah, I'm an artist, and now I'm willing to put in the work to prove it.' ”

Runs his own graphic design studio, Mazzarello Media and Art, with his wife Stephanie
Oakland, CA
English, B.A. — '15

I really appreciated the opportunities to just read so many full books and primary texts, and the scholarly rigor with which the professors and many of my fellow students thought about and discussed what we studied.”

English, B.A. — '16

I love that, because of the small class size, we are able to have such personalized attention both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The small class size allows for collaborative and formative discussions, and my writing has greatly improved from individual advice from professors. ”

Cinema and Media Arts, B.A. '10

The CMA Department created a safe environment where I was able to connect with equally aspiring filmmakers and figure out exactly what I wanted to do. CMA put a camera in my hands and let me experiment and learn through my mistakes and successes.”

The flexibility of Biola's applied psychology program allowed me to complete my degree while working and doing ministry. I am so grateful for the faculty's concern of my educational goals and spiritual well-being along the way.”

MBA '11

I chose Biola University for my MBA because I wanted to leverage my Christian faith into my business education. Biola integrates biblical principles into every course, from finance to marketing, and I’ve already been able to use what I’ve learned in the classroom to make a difference at my company.”

MBA '12

I chose Biola University for my MBA because the flexible one-night-a-week schedule allows me to continue working at my current job while going to school. My boss has complimented me on how I’ve implemented knowledge learned in class here at work. I’m also able to integrate real scenarios from my company into classroom discussions.”

MBA '12

I chose Biola University for my MBA because the unique, one-on-one mentor program benefited me while I worked on my degree, and today, in my career. My mentor has significant expertise in his career field, and he has helped me to build character traits and business knowledge that are essential to my success.”

MBA '12

I chose Biola University for my MBA because it allowed me to attend just one evening each week. I still had time to live my life while I furthered my education. The convenient schedule allowed me to balance my commitment to my family with my goal of earning a quality degree, all while allowing me to continue working at my current job.”

Christian Ministries, B.A. '07

The Christian Ministries department is a gem of a department and it will not only shape you academically but spiritually and emotionally as well. I felt very prepared to step into full-time ministry — from my classes on organization and administration, to public speaking, to teaching, to understanding youth culture.”