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Faith Elder

Journalism, emphasis in Visual Media, B.A. '08

Faith graduated with a Journalism major with an emphasis in visual media in 2008. While at Biola Faith was involved in the Chimes and the Point as a photographer and photo editor. Faith feels blessed to be working in the career field that she always saw herself working in while at Biola. Faith now works as a studio product and fashion photographer.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?:

I see myself doing this same thing, God willing, in larger scale. I now work for some large companies, however I would love to keep climbing up that corporate ladder and eventually settle down as an art director of a large retail company.

What advice to do you have for incoming Biola Students?:

Get involved on campus, stick to it and take full advantage of your professors while you have them close to you. Your professors are a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, don't let a day go by without learning something new from them. The number one thing, go through college prayerfully and trust that the Lord will lead you in the right direction.