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Biola in the News

  •  — The Academic Minute

    Cook School of Intercultural Studies professor Dr. Leanne Dzubinski spoke on a podcast about how research is showing that gender bias is both real and costly to organizations and to women leaders.

  •  — The Christian Post

    Dr. J.P. Moreland of Talbot School of Theology helped influence the filmmaker of the "Send Proof" documentary, a film that examines medical evidence of miracle healings to challenge skeptics and close the gap between the hard sciences and the supernatural.

  •  — Patheos

    Biola Philosophy professor Dr. Gregg Ten Elshof recently published a book on rediscovering the emotion of shame called For Shame: Rediscovering the Virtues of Maligned Emotion. This article looks into his book and discusses the heart of its topic.

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