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Biola in the News

  •  — Christianity Today

    Dr. Joy Qualls, associate dean in the Division of Communication and associate professor of Communication Studies, was quoted in this Christianity Today article about women’s influence, leadership and roles in the church, and how she believes that "constraints placed on women in Pentecostalism had more to do with the influence of Evangelical culture, lack of education in our history and theology, and general discourse, than it did [with] Scripture or theological positions.”

  •  — The Remnant Radio

    Dr. Carmen Imes, associate professor of Old Testament, spoke on a filmed interview about the sin involved in the David and Bathsheba story.

  •  — Christianity Daily

    Korean Ph.D. graduate, Seokin Kim, writes about shame presented in the Bible and the restoration of shame displayed in the healing of the woman with the 12-year hemorrhage, Jesus' conversation with the Samaritan woman and Jesus' crucifixion.

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