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Biola in the News

  •  — Christianity Today

    This Christianity Today article talks about how the "Nones," or the group of individuals in America that are not religiously affiliated, has surpassed the Protestant group, being 28% and 24% of the population respectively. The article talks about why many of these people have denied a religion and the misunderstandings that might come from religion and church. Dr. Erik Thoennes, professor of New Testament, spoke on the clarification that some religious disaffiliation can provide to Protestants and that the key to the church maintaining grounded is to keep focusing on Jesus.

  •  — ABC News

    Dr. Scott Waller, department chair of political science, provided insight in this ABC News article on the bill being considered in South Carolina for women who have been lawfully denied abortions in the state. He argues that the bill puts too much responsibility on the state for the healthcare for both the woman and child.

  •  — The Falcon

    Daniel Chang, associate professor of art, was invited to be a guest installation at the Seattle Pacific Art Center gallery. His installation was called “I walk walking to the corner I walked.”

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