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Biola in the News

  •  — Christianity Today

    Dr. Tim Muhelhoff, professor of communication, shared thoughts in this Christianity Today article on being an investigative, question-asking listener and communicator, which resembles a chimp when presented with something unknown, rather than aggressive and quick to act, like a rhino with unknown objects.

  •  — Christianity Today

    Several Biola professors received recognition in Christianity Today's 2022 Book Awards. Dr. Tim Muehlhoff, professor of communication studies, Dr. Rick Langer, director of the Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning, and Dr. William Lane Craig, visiting scholar in philosophy were all recognized on the list for their publications. Dr. Eddie Byun, associate professor of Christian ministry, and Dr. Ben Shin, associate professor of Christian ministry and leadership, also provided statements on two other books on the list.

  •  — L'

    Dr. Laura Dryjanska, program director of M.S. in Positive Organizational Psychology, wrote an article for this Italian publication on how positive organizational psychology can greatly impact the workplace in a positive light.

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