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Category: Faculty Highlights

  • J.P. Moreland Releases New Book, A Culmination of His Life’s Work

    The Biola professor and renowned philosopher’s new book addresses “What is a human being?”

    Reina Lee — 

    A new book authored by Talbot School of Theology professor and renowned philosopher Dr. J.P. Moreland alongside coauthor alumnus Brandon Rickabaugh...

  • Talbot Professor Dr. Carmen Imes’ New Book Makes September Bestseller List

    “Being God’s Image: Why Creation Still Matters” is a Christian bestseller

    Abi Goosen — 

    Professor Dr. Carmen Joy Imes’ new book landed on the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association (ECPA) best selling new releases list for...

  • Biola Welcomes New Faculty for Fall 2023

    12 new faculty members to contribute their expertise to Biola’s student body

    Abi Goosen — 

    Biola University welcomes 12 new faculty members for the 2023-2024 academic year. The new faculty will join Biola’s School of Science, Technology...

  • Communications Professor Speaks on Suffering and Evil on “Focus on the Family” Podcast

    Dr. Tim Muehlhoff discusses his book “Eyes to See” and God’s work amidst evil in recent interview

    Ryan Wingert — 

    The ever-pressing issue of why God allows suffering and atrocious evil acts in this world is a weighty topic, and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff — professor of...

  • Talbot Professor Releases Book on New Clues to an Age Old Mystery

    Dr. Kenneth Berding’s latest book seeks to identify the “thorn” in Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”

    Charlotte McKinley — 

    Biola University’s Dr. Kenneth Berding uncovers what Paul’s infamous ailment in 2 Corinthians 12:7 could be in his new book, Paul’s Thorn in the...

  • Viral Professor Creates a Class to Remember with Grant

    Professor Matthew Weathers uses Course Hero grant to upgrade his class

    Charlotte McKinley — 

    A $2,000 grant from Course Hero allowed popular adjunct professor Matthew Weathers to revamp his Intro to Computer Science course last year,...

  • Read the Bible in One Year With Biola Professor on a New Podcast

    Podcast narrator and founder, Dr. Rachel Bodell launches a conversational-style reading and commentary of the Bible in one year

    Noelle Courselle — 

    The launch of a new podcast, Bible in a Year: The Story , is meeting a unique need in culture by delivering audible, bite-size Bible content and...

  • “Generation Z and the COVID-19 Crisis” Book to Guide the Next Generation of Students in the Workplace

    Crowell School of Business professor Jake Aguas’ research-based book is helping numerous universities and organizations with their Generational Intelligence

    Noelle Courselle — 

    Investing in the next generation of businessmen and women, Associate Professor of Management Jake Aguas started his research to help people...

  • Dr. Matthew J. Hall Formally Installed as Biola University Provost and Senior Vice President

    Hall addressed the Biola community about how now is a thrilling time to be a Christian

    Sarah Dougher, Charlotte McKinley — 

    “If you haven’t noticed, these are especially perilous times for Christian higher education,” said Dr. Matthew J. Hall, Provost and Senior Vice...

  • Theology Professor Wins Christianity Today 2023 Book Award

    Dr. Uche Anizor’s Book on Apathy won the Christian Living and Spiritual Formation award

    Charlotte McKinley — 

    Dr. Uche Anizor, professor of theology at Talbot School of Theology, recently received the honor of Christianity Today’s 2023 Book Award. His book,...

  • Templeton Grant Awarded to Biola Staff

    Dr. Leslie Wickman secured a grant for Women in science and humanities

    Ryan Wingert — 

    Biola University’s Corporate Affiliates Program Director — Dr. Leslie Wickman — was awarded a $234,751 Templeton planning grant in September....

  • Biola Welcomed New Faculty for Fall 2022

    13 new faculty members joined Biola’s esteemed faculty

    Ryan Wingert — 

    Biola University welcomed 13 new faculty members to the school’s staff. The new faculty members came with a wide range of interests adding to Cook...

  • "Power Women" Book Announced as an InterVarsity Press Winner of 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

    New book co-edited by professor Nancy Yuen focuses on women in academia, motherhood and Christianity; seven Biola professors contributed chapters

    Dalet Valles — 

    Among the list of InterVarsity Press (IVP) winners of the 2021 Readers’ Choice awards is Power Women:Stories of Motherhood, Faith, and the Academy,...

  • Seven Biolans Featured in “Christianity Today’s” Book Awards

    Biola-affiliated authors from publications like Winsome Conviction and Simple Trinity are honored by Christianity Today

    Jocelyn Huffman — 

    Christianity Today’s 2022 Book Awards features books authored by Biola University faculty and alumni. According to the magazine, the selected...

  • Professor Awarded Planning Grant for Mission Work Project

    Cook School of Intercultural Studies Professor Leanne Dzubinski will research how Christian ideas about family life were communicated as the gospel was spread

    Vanessa Morales — 

    Biola University Cook School of Intercultural Studies professor and associate dean Dr. Leanne Dzubinski was awarded a one-year $5,000 planning...

  • Music Professor Robert Feller Named Finalist for Arlin G. Meyer Prize

    Conservatory of Music professor Robert Feller recognized for exemplary work

    Vanessa Morales — 

    Biola University Conservatory of Music Head of Winds and Percussion Robert Feller was selected as one of six finalists for the 2020 Arlin G. Meyer...

  • Biola Launches 5-Year Winsome Conviction Project to Initiate Civil Discourse

    In a divisive era, professors and authors Tim Muehlhoff and Rick Langer aim to help Christians deepen convictions without dividing communities

    Joy Blea — 

    A majority of Americans (98% of those surveyed) believe that incivility is a serious issue, according to a survey by The Civility Project, with...

  • Biola Welcomes New Faculty for Fall 2020

    Four new faculty members join Biola’s esteemed faculty

    Biola Staff — 

    Biola University welcomes four new faculty members this fall, each of whom represent the university’s aspiration to attract and retain the finest...

  • Biola Feature Film Airs on PBS Guam in Partnership with the Guam International Film Festival’s Select Showcase

    Biola's Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts Professor Dean Yamada’s feature film, “Anjing (The Dogs),” airs on May 22

    Joanna Wu — 

    Dean Yamada, associate professor of cinema and media arts, in collaboration with Biola cinema and media arts students, produced his second feature...

  • Sociology Professor Featured in Asian American PBS Documentary Series

    Professor Nancy Yuen speaks on Asian American actors in groundbreaking documentary series on Asian American history

    Sarah Dougher — 

    Nancy Yuen, associate professor of sociology at Biola University, was featured in a documentary series titled Asian Americans, premiered on May 11...

  • Biola University Professor Receives Distinguished Scholar Award

    Professor Jamie Sanchez received the McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award at the Conference on Academic Research in Education.

    Sarah Dougher — 

    Jamie Sanchez, an associate professor at Biola’s Cook School of Intercultural Studies, was one of three recipients of the fourth annual McGraw...

  • New Center Opens Doors to Help Biola and Local Community with Statistical Research

    The Quantitative Consulting Center has recently been launched to assist students and local businesses with their statistical research needs

    Kiana Karn — 

    Since Jason Wilson, chair of Biola University’s mathematics and computer science department, first came to Biola in 2008, he has seen a growing...

  • Torrey Honors College Professor Matt Jenson Releases New Book, “Theology in the Democracy of the Dead”

    Matt Jenson’s new book invites readers into the living tradition of theology’s past

    Katelyn Moger, Benjamin Vincent — 

    Informed by his work as a theologian and professor at Biola University's Torrey Honors College, Matt Jenson recently published a new work...