Katie Agarth

Katie Agarth

The Inbetween: Exploring my Latinidad

a guest blog post by Melissa Fernanda Valle

Lisa Igram

Good Grief

a blogpost by Jasmyne Bell

Jasmyne Bell

Unexpected Friendships

a blog post by Chantel Barnard

Chantel Barnard

The Balance You'll Find

a blogpost by Marijane Fasana

Marijane Fasana

From the Confidence Gap to Confident Hope

a "welcome" and "welcome back" note from GRIT

Lisa Igram


a guest blog by Marijane Fasana

Marijane Fasana, Sarah Schwartz

Women and Pornography

a blogpost by Jasmyne Bell

Jasmyne Bell

It's Still On Us, Biola

resources for students regarding sexual assault awareness

Celeste Scott

It Takes GRIT to Question

a guest blog by Michelle Menkel

Sarah Schwartz

Alone at Last

a guest blog by Rachel Stanley

Sarah Schwartz

The Stories We Weave

a guest blog by Hannah Williamson

Sarah Schwartz

International Women's Day

a prayer from Sarah Bessey

Sarah Schwartz

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