Launch Party

sisterhood in action

Sarah Schwartz

Tenacity in Ambiguity

an interview with Monica Hopson

Lisa Igram

How to be a Young Leader

a blog by Sharon Hodde Miller

Sarah Schwartz

The Value of Disagreement

a blogpost by Alissa Wilkinson

Celeste Scott

Whisperings of Wannabe

a chapel talk with Shelly Cunningham

Celeste Scott

With God in the Valley of Shadow

a torrey session by Dr. Christina Lee Kim

Lisa Igram

With God in the Questions

an interview with Whitney Luigs

Lisa Igram

Process Over Product

an interview with Leticia Trujillo

Lisa Igram

Sanctified through Uncertainty

an interview with Cherilyn Gan

Lisa Igram

Moses, a Burning Bush, and Our Calling

a blog post by Bianca Juárez Olthoff

Lisa Igram

Mental Health and Depression

a chapel talk by Dr. Michelle Willingham

Elizabeth Pintarich

At the End of a Short Rope

a chapel talk by Shelly Cunningham

Alex Bell

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