Coming to Biola felt like the first day of kindergarten. New faces all around you, new surroundings, finding your way to your classes was a scavenger hunt alone, and finding out that commons has the best cinnamon bagels was the prize along the way.

I have to speak from my own experience but this year was the best reset button I have ever received. High school may not have had a fairytale ending that any of us had hoped for but this year at Biola has been beautiful. Meeting new people, creating friendships, and being surrounded by this community.

But how do I say goodbye?

With this last week of the semester coming up and the stress of finals festering, I am worried I’m going to have a fat case of FOMO (fear of missing out) on my lap. The best solution I’ve had is studying at the library and then rewarding myself with going out with friends to ding tea after! (love me a vanilla milk tea)

Looking around my room this last week has been rough. I'll miss the place I have called home for this past year and how it has been a place of independence for many of us. Packing stuff to take home has been difficult and trying to savor moments with friends has been hard knowing they’ll be leaving the state.

To those of you who call home somewhere close to Biola or somewhere very far, just know Biola will always hold a vault of memories you’ll get to hold for a lifetime.

To those of you transferring from Biola, I hope you find peace at your new school and your presence will be missed here at Biola.

We’ll see you in a few months! Be prepared for more new content from GRIT and we hope to see you at our events.

P.S. I made a playlist with all the feelings behind this blog. Check out GRIT's Spotify (linked on our Instagram) to go and listen to, "SOPHOMORE SENDOFF".