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Resilience Posts

Times get hard and life shoves us back.
What does it look like to struggle well toward healing and wholeness?

“Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.”

— Samantha August

Graves into Gardens

A season for change.

Kaile Bravo

Dear Returning Students

It's okay if you're stoked, and it's okay if you're not.

Jenna Mindel

Freedom in Jesus

A guest blog by Emily Hesler

Zoe Taper

Now What?

Wrestling with Disappointment

Elisha Axelson

Let's Have a Talk, Girl to Girl

A note of encouragement from the ladies of each department for the new school year.

Thecla Li

Heading Home

a guest blog by Logan Lusk

Logan Lusk

Jasmyne Bell

Good Grief

a blogpost by Jasmyne Bell

Jasmyne Bell

Women and Pornography

a blogpost by Jasmyne Bell

Jasmyne Bell

STEM & Grit

a guest blog by Elizabeth Vrinten

Sarah Schwartz

Playing the Long Game

a guest blog post by Prof. Jeannine Hanger

Lisa Igram

Engaging in Intercultural Friendships

a chapel from Biola’s Global Students

Lisa Igram

Suicide Prevention Week

a blogpost by Jasmyne Bell

Jasmyne Bell

How To Survive the First Day of School

a blogpost by Celeste Scott

Celeste Scott

Flourishing in Singleness

a B-side podcast with Lisa Igram

Celeste Scott