From our early stages of youth until now, we are taught to keep our “purity” at all costs. We are held by a firm grasp of moral standards from the minute we start to develop our own views on sexuality. If you were a Christian before middle school, you probably remember the notorious gender break out sessions during camp. In a nutshell, boys were told to not watch porn, and girls were told that they’re beautiful and need to save themselves for their husbands. While these messages came from well-meaning teachers, it ended up damaging our cultural view of Godly purity. Especially for women.

But why didn’t girls get the chance to hear about the dangers of porn as much as their male peers? From an early age, girls are fed the narrative that they aren’t as “visually driven” as boys. Of course, this isn’t reality. But we’ve somehow convinced ourselves that this is the truth, and this has pushed women into a corner when it comes to sexuality. The fact of the matter is this: women can struggle with porn just as much as men. It’s time that we stop ignoring this, and begin to embrace our sisters who are struggling.

So many women around you feel trapped in the vicious cycle of viewing porn. To those who have been struggling with it, you are not “damaged goods”. You are absolutely worthy of love, and Jesus still sees you as a radiant, lovely human.

you have not messed up too many times

Your sexual history does not make God think of you any less. You have not messed up too many times for Him to meet you with grace. Being in this situation might make you feel lonely and it may feel like there’s no way out. The best thing to do is get help from someone you really trust. Whether it be an RA, a close friend, or maybe even a parent, you should seek out wise counsel. Here are some resources to help you work toward healing:

Biola Pastoral Care:

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Biola Counseling Center:

Helpful Websites:,,,

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Phone Applications: rTribe, Fortify, Lion, xBlock Porn Blocker, Spin Safe Browser

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