Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is not loved by all. For my single ladies out there, it is a holiday that often seems exclusive to those in a relationship. On top of this, it’s a holiday that is highly commercialized with marketed essentials such as teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates. Despite what Valentine’s Day is sold to us as there’s Galentine’s Day.

I am someone who is in a committed relationship, however, still am an eager participant in Galentine’s Day. It is a day in which platonic love can be celebrated between you and your friends, a day filled with gratitude and appreciation for those who have loved you when you have felt unlovable.

I think Galentine’s Day is a great opportunity for women to let go of society’s implanted expectations of love. Women are allowed to celebrate love even when they are not dating or in a relationship. For those who do have a significant other, Galentine’s Day reminds us of the multitude of ways in which we experience love. This reminder is extremely valuable and takes away the pressure of needing to be swept off of one’s feet with romantic gestures that we sometimes equate to our own personal value.

Lastly, when it comes to the celebration of love, do not count yourself out. Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day alike carry a FOMO effect, the fear of missing out, in which we may feel less than if not given the opportunity to celebrate said holidays with others. Remember that if you do not find yourself celebrating as you may have hoped it is in no way reflective of you or how loved you are. If anything, Galentine’s Day has proven how the holiday can be celebrated in any way you see fit to express love, including a day to treat and take care of yourself.

Above all, it is important that we remind ourselves we are capable of love and deserving of love. No matter what your plans may be this time of year, know that love has no requirements or demands so if nothing else see it, seek it, show it to others, and most importantly show it to yourself. <3