Coming back to in-person school has been such a blessing, but it has come with many challenges as well. Just as we adjust to online schooling, we had to prepare for in-person classes, exams, and meetings. While we were online, we could get up 10 minutes before Zoom and be ready for class. Now, we have to adjust to taking more time to get ready and connect with others. In a sense, it can feel more busy and demanding. We have hit the part of the semester where we have little motivation but we still have to keep working. This can feel isolating and feel like there is no space to stop moving or working. During this season of busyness and sleeplessness, it is hard to find moments where you can feel happy. But throughout the day, I take the time to think about the little things that make me happy even though I am super busy.

Here are some moments that come to my mind, let me walk you through them:

Think about when you wake up in the morning and you are making your favorite caffeinated or non-caffeinated drink. The satisfying feeling when your milk of choice (oat milk all the way!) mixes with your latte. The cohesion of the two things and it makes a swirl between each other can be the most satisfying thing ever. Or even think about how wonderful it is when your milk is frothed to perfection. Another thing that comes to mind is the sweetness of moments when one of your friends brings your favorite snack or drink or you eat a good meal in the Caf. That feeling you get when you learn something new in class or when you finally understand the math problem that took you so long to get. These moments are so small, and can easily go unnoticed. So, Why should you care about them? I think that these moments highlight the little gifts that God blesses us with throughout our day. I know it is hard to recognize these little happy moments when you feel so busy but take time to appreciate these little moments in your life. I encourage you to be on the lookout for these little blessings as the semester comes to an end.