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A student smiles while studying with a group on a lawn
Two students discuss a book while sitting in the cafeteria

Undergraduate Education

At Biola, exceptional scholars and students come together to seek out God in all things. The result? An education that consistently ranks among the nation’s best.

Become the greatest version of you.

A Biola education prepares you completely.

We prepare the entire you — with rigorous faith-integrated academics. In every program, every step of the way, we train your mind and spirit to be ready for a life of impact.

A text book with a few highlighted lines lays open next to a student.
Become broadly prepared.

Core Curriculum

Every degree is built on a solid foundation of several essential disciplines. Including English, math, science, history, language, communications, fine arts and physical education.

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Two students read the Bible together.
A major minor advantage.

Biblical Studies

Most Biola students take the equivalent of 10 Bible and theology classes while they’re here — enough to receive a minor in biblical and theological studies.

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Students walking on campus.
Honors like you've never seen.

Torrey Honors College

In Biola’s renowned undergraduate honors program, students learn by reading some of the greatest books ever written. These small, discussion-only classes replace general education courses, giving you access to an honors education no matter your major.

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Become influential in many languages.

Foreign Languages

Spanish, French and Russian. Arabic, German and American Sign Language. Being multilingual makes you a more valuable employee and a more effective messenger for Christ.

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Three students smile while each of them holds a flag from different countries.
Let the world change you

Impact your world through study abroad.

To make a difference in the world, you have to understand it. You have to explore it. Let it impact you first. Discover a life-enriching program that will get you out there.

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