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Emily Blake

Wedding and lifestyle photographer

Studio Art, B.F.A.

What are some of the most exciting opportunities you have had since graduation?

One really exciting thing that I was able to do after graduation was going to Cape Town, South Africa with a non-profit organization to photograph life in the townships. I have also been able to go back to Maine a couple of times since graduating and have continued to document life in Jackman, Maine (this project started as my senior show).

How do you feel that the Biola art department prepared you for your life as an artist?

Biola's art department really gave me the time and opportunity to explore what it was I was interested in as an artist. Also, by being apart of the art department at Biola, I also learned the importance of having a community of fellow artist to be inspired by, learn from, and depend on.

Any advice for future Biola art majors?

To any future students I would say take full advantage of the time, resources, and professors in that art department and really use your time as an art student to explore.