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David Martina

Co-host, Blurred Radio and Founder, Martina Brand Therapy
Composition (Keyboard), B.M. '09
Studying composition with phenomenal teachers like Denham, Watts, and Wills granted a sometimes surprising preparation for my work in branding and creative development. From Denham, I learned about timing and anticipation, and to push beyond the expected. From Wills, about economy of means in Stravinsky and Beethoven - the subtle but consistent weaving of a few powerful ideas throughout a whole work. From Watts, to always define the goals first and measure successfulness by how accurately you achieved them. And from Marlin Owen, a frustrating and insatiable curiosity about every aspect of the creative endeavor. My work creating worlds and telling stories for brands incorporates all of these lessons into a cohesive and exhilarating cocktail of art-meeting-commerce, and I am grateful to those mentors for their forbearance and passion.


  • B.M. Composition (Keyboard), Biola University

Career Highlights

  • Founder / Brand Therapist, Martina Brand Therapy
  • Partner, Accounts at WH&M Creative Production
  • Admin. Assistant for Michael Giacchino, Composer
  • Founder, 558 Network (Alumni organization for Biola graduates in arts/entertainment)
  • Founder, Film Music Guild at Biola University