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Nathanael Lucero

Doctoral Student in Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Biological Science, B.S. '11

Q: What courses are you taking right now?

I am enrolled in three classes this semester: Clinical Neuroscience, Physical Modalities/Integumentary and Wellness/Prevention. The neuroscience class covers which areas of the brain coordinate certain movements and how as a physical therapist I can help restore function when there are deficits. The Modalities/Integumentary class focuses on the physical effects of techniques such as cryotherapy, heat, ultrasound, etc. and how to apply these modalities to patients.

Q: What was your most significant experience studying biology at Biola?

I think the thing that impacted me most was seeing the passion that our professors had for science, but more importantly the passion that they had for Christ. This inspired me and encouraged me in my faith because I knew that if these men and women believe in God, there must be good reason behind it. My professors at Biola helped me to see that the design evident in the natural world points clearly to a Creator.

Q. How did Biola prepare you for graduate school?

Physical Therapy is interesting because it is a health science field, but there is a great deal of compassion and love needed to treat patients. My biology classes at Biola definitely gave me the knowledge and study skills necessary to succeed in graduate school; especially anatomy. Graduate anatomy class was cake because of that class! My studies at Biola also prepared me to care for people spiritually. I have confidence to defend my faith and share my love for Christ with others now and eventually with my patients.

Q. What is the Lord teaching you now that you have left college?

Now that I am done with my undergraduate studies, the Lord has truly been working in my heart. God has been stirring in me a passion for apologetics and evangelism. I long to share with others that Christianity is logical and reasonable and help them find faith in Christ. I am also a husband and a father now, and God is using that to teach me what it means to be a godly man. I’m learning how to let God use me to mold and shape my son to be His good and faithful servant.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to students who want to enter Physical Therapy?

My advice would be to view it as a ministry. This field is unique in that you get to work with the same patient for a potentially long period of time, and in that time you can have a dramatic impact on their physical well being, but more importantly their spiritual well being. This setting is a gift because you can build relationships with your patients and you have more of an opportunity to let them see Christ in you.