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Carleigh Bistline

Quality Assurance Technician at Nutralite

Biological Science, B.S. '10

Q: What kind of company is Nutralite?

Nutrilite is a California-based vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturer. It is an international company with distribution to over 90 countries worldwide.

Q: What do you do as a QA Technician?

My current role is as a technician in the Microbiology Lab of the Quality Assurance department. I test samples from every step in our manufacturing process. This could be from farm samples and other raw materials, products "in process" and our finished product. I also play a role in our facility's environmental monitoring program, where we test all of the manufacturing equipment and manufacturing areas for contamination and cleanliness. I also work on various lab projects.

Q. What was your most significant experience studying biology at Biola?


Q. How did Biola prepare you for your job?

Biola not only taught me the scientific skills and problem-solving mindset necessary to work in this field (which you can get from a degree at any school), but it gave me more. At Biola I grew in my faith so that now I have the confidence to talk to the people around me about my faith and why it is that I believe in God.

Q. What is the Lord teaching you now that you have left college?

So much! In the two years since I left Biola, I have learned and grown in so many ways. The Lord is teaching me how to be patient during trying times, how to hear him and how to trust Him. He has also shown me the great importance of being in ministry and the joys that come from it.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to students who want to enter your field?

Listen to your professors; not only about lecture topics (though I definitely encourage that!) but also in getting their input about integrating your faith into the workplace. All our work is of no worth if we ignore God's calling for us. Stand apart from the crowd in terms of your integrity, honesty and compassion. Care for people: they notice.