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Amanda Hamilton

Associate Professor of Drawing & Painting and Director of the Friesen Galleries at Northwest Nazarene University

Studio Art, B.F.A.

What are some of the most exciting opportunities you have had since graduation?

I love traveling and the ability to take my students to Europe, New York, Portland or Seattle has been great fun. We are in a somewhat remote place too so, I am adamant that they see art in person and it's a pleasure to help make that a reality! I have a four year old daughter and that is a constant "exciting opportunity". It's been a shift to negotiate time for studio practice, teaching and parenting. Motherhood is as much a part of my identity as that of the teacher or artist that I ever was and I love it. Also, I am currently using a studio space downtown Boise through the Boise Arts Commission and funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. It's amazing to have space- I am working on new video work along with some small paintings on panel.

How do you feel that the Biola art department prepared you for your life as an artist?

I was working with peers (as a student) who were deeply committed to learning, being challenged, and making excellent work. It was a great environment and many of us are still dear friends. The faculty was very available to us and I truly experienced community in the Biola Art Dept.

Any advice for future Biola art majors?

Live in your studios—spend all of your time in them. Talk to each other all the time. Read everything that interests you. Go to the music performances, the plays, every guest lecture. Enjoy your curiosity... and live in your studios!