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Ruthie Auda

Director of creative and visuals for Nike Salvation; Freelance Graphic Designer

Studio Art, B.F.A.

What are some of the most exciting opportunities you have had since graduation?

I had an internship my senior year at a design agency that led to a great job right out of college. It taught me a lot about working with clients and vendors in the professional world. Working for Anthropologie was also a really great experience and lead to other great retail design jobs with Hurley and Nike. I've also been able to do freelance work for some incredible clients. Currently at Nike I am responsible for creating and executing window and in-store display stories, merchandising plans and all creative aspects. On the side, I do graphic design, retail design, production design and furniture design for clients like TOMS Shoes, 31 Bits, Falling Whistles, independent coffee shops, clothing lines, music labels, etc.

How do you feel that the Biola Art Department prepared you for your life as an artist?

Besides teaching me great foundational design skills, the professors were always pushing us to take our work farther. Learning how to always be expanding and working has proven to be a great asset in my career.

Any advice for future Biola art majors?

Make a lot of work. The more work you make, the more you will develop your personal style and your skill. Work at being really good at what you do.

Make a lot of friends. If you want to make a living as a creative, it is all about who you know. Unfortunately, it isn't always skill-based so make sure you stay connected to people.