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Ep 16: Matt Jenson & Carol Sato // Intergenerational Friendships

Mike discusses intergenerational friendships with Matt Jenson and Carol Sato.

Audio forthcoming (July 17)

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Audio forthcoming (July 24)

Ep 15: Penny Nance // Sanctity of Human Life

Mike Ahn talks with Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, about the sanctity of human life. Nance is also the author of Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women.

Audio forthcoming (July 3)

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Ep 14: Brooke Mardell // Grief, Hope, and a Wild Belover

Mike discusses grief with Brooke Mardell, who shares her experiences of grief and how she's learned to recognize the sacredness of sadness.

Audio forthcoming (June 19)

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Audio forthcoming (June 26)

Ep 13: Eugene Cho // How to Change the World

Mike sits down with Eugene Cho, a pastor (Quest Church), activist (One Day's Wages), and author (Overrated), to discuss how to not only love the idea of changing the world, but actually doing it.

Audio forthcoming (June 5)

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Audio forthcoming (June 12)

Ep 12: Adam Edgerly // Unity in Diversity

Mike Ahn sits down with Adam Edgerly, Pastor at NewSong Los Angeles, to discuss the topic of diversity.

Audio forthcoming (May 22)

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Audio forthcoming (May 29)

Ep 11: Nancy Yuen // Reel Inequality

Mike Ahn, Director of Worship and Formation, sits down to discuss author Nancy Yuen's new book, Reel Inequality, which examines modern racism in Hollywood.

Audio forthcoming (May 8)

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Audio forthcoming (May 15)

Ep 10: Derek Minor // The Land of Opportunity

Hip hop artist Derek Minor discusses how spirituality, creativity, and inequity have been important catalysts to his music.

Audio forthcoming (April 24)

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Audio forthcoming (May 1)

Ep 9: Tania Abouezzeddine // Arabs, Muslims, and Misperceptions

Dr. Tania Abouezzeddine, a Biola psychology professor, shares her insights about Arabs, Muslims, and the misperceptions Christians might have of them - and ultimately, how this is hurting the Christian message to the Arab world. Her insights are extremely helpful in understanding current events like the Syrian refugee crisis, ISIS, and islamophobia. Tania specializes in pediatric neuropsychology, and is actively involved in ministry, both within her community and internationally.

Dr. Todd Pickett, Lisa Igram, and Mike Ahn discuss Dr. Tania Abouezzeddine's insights on Arab/Western relations from the previous podcast. Their discussion of fear/vulnerability, compassion/compromise, dwelling/seeking, and invitations to wisdom are helpful to process what it means to be good neighbors to the people around us, especially those of Middle Eastern descent.

Ep 8: Barry Corey // Being Christian in a Post-Christian World

Biola's president, Dr. Barry Corey, shares his vision for Christians thriving in a post-Christian world. Although the faith might be thriving in other parts of the globe, Christians in the West must re-imagine what their faith looks like in a world that is increasingly hostile toward organized religion. Dr. Corey's insights are not only compelling and insightful, but they are valuable and prophetic. He is also the author of Love Kindness: Discover the Power of a Forgotten Christian Virtue.

Chris Barragan, Lisa Ishihara, and Mike Ahn discuss their experiences of being Christians in an increasingly post-Christian America. They discuss Dr. Corey's insights, and make important connections to their experiences of church, evangelism, and spirituality. They notice that Christians have a difficult time sitting in tension, and how that is hurting our ability to listen well, understand people's reservations about the faith, and winsomely live out an abundant life in Christ.

Ep 7: Carrie Stockton // Flourishing in Singleness

Though marriage is important, Christian culture tends to elevate marriage above singleness - so much so that singles feel like second-class citizens in many of our churches. Carrie Stockton, Biola's Dean of Student Success, reminds us that our marital status does not determine our core identity. She invites us to see that God is actively and presently working in the circumstances He's placed us in.

Lisa Igram, Todd Pickett, and Mike Ahn unpack Carrie Stockton's interview about how to flourish in singleness. They reflect on important issues brought up by Carrie, and make applications to their real life situations. All three approach singleness from their own perspectives, and they highlight the importance of living out our callings in the life stage we're in.

Ep 6: Fred Sanders // The Trinity and "The Shack"

Dr. Fred Sanders, author of The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything, discusses how the doctrine of the Trinity is portrayed in the book, "The Shack." In this balanced discussion, Fred unpacks the implications of weak trinitarian theology as it is played out in literature and art. Fred teaches systematic theology at Biola's Torrey Honors Institute.

Todd Pickett, Landon White, and Mike Ahn unpack their experiences of the book and movie, "The Shack." They reflect on the important issues brought up by Fred Sanders, and consider other benefits and hindrances of the book/movie.

Ep 5: Dave Wang // Stress Management and Emotional Regulation

Dr. Dave Wang discusses stresses management and emotional regulation and provides tangible ways to cope with the ups and downs of life. As a psychology professor, licensed psychologist, and local church pastor, Dave's experiences provide a depth of wisdom to help people understand themselves, their relationships with others, and their relationships with God. His practical way of discussing emotions and spirituality is both practical and inspiring.

Todd Pickett, Lisa Igram, and Mike Ahn follow up with a discussion on emotions and spirituality. Though the cognitive domain tends to rule the way we approach spirituality, they unpack the importance of listening to our emotions as an imperative avenue to relate with God.

Ep 4: Carolyn McKinstry // Racial Reconciliation in Today's Culture

Guest host Evan Rosa sits down with Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKinstry, who survived the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, on September 15, 1963. The explosion took the lives of four of Carolyn's friends, and became a catalytic moment in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's. Carolyn shares from a deep well of wisdom and helps make important connections to today's racial unrest. She is the author of While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age During the Civil Rights Movement.

Lisa Ishihara, Chad Miller, and Mike Ahn discuss their takeaways from Carolyn McKinstry, and make connections with their life stories. They discuss the lessons they are taking away from Carolyn, especially as they reflect on her resilience, graciousness, and wisdom. They consider possibilities of how Christians might grow in the conversation of racial reconciliation, especially since it seems to be a central theme throughout the Bible.

Ep 3: Stephanie Sanford // Identity Development in a Global Community

Stephanie Sanford and Mike Ahn discuss the importance of intercultural competence in our increasingly global world. With her experience as an overseas missionary and professor, Steph provides keen insight into culture and spirituality that frames the importance of difference in our Christian calling to love others. Steph is currently the Director of Global Student Programs and Development at Biola University.

Chad Miller, Lisa Ishihara, and Mike Ahn discuss their takeaways from episode 3, and make connections with their life stories. They have worked together since 2012, and one of the consistent conversations for them in their campus ministry has been thinking through the importance of an increasingly globalized campus and culture. They unpack their own struggles in a globalized world, and provide helpful perspectives to confidently approach differences well.

Ep 2: Rich Park // Developing a Sense of Calling

Rich Park and Mike Ahn discuss calling in the Christian life, unpacking how confusing it can be but also validating its importance in our walks with God. Rich provides a practical framework to help us confidently develop a sense of calling in our lives. Rich is a theology professor at Biola, and the founder and president of the Renaissance Forum, a non-profit organization aimed at raising the next generation of Christian cultural leaders.

Landon White, Justin Sinclair, and Mike Ahn discuss their takeaways from episode 2, and make connections with their life stories. They approach calling from three different life stages, and their discussion helps illuminate the struggles and victories of developing a sense of calling in our real life situations.

Ep 1: Todd Pickett // The Worshipping Community

Todd Pickett and Mike Ahn discuss the importance of communal worship, especially in times where we aren't feeling worshipful or where worship feels forced. Todd's insights and wisdom provide an intentional and reassuring approach to life with God.

Landon White, Justin Sinclair, and Mike Ahn unpack and discuss the wisdom from Episode 1 and make connections to how this plays out in their lives. Their conversation is not only thoughtful, but practical and helpful.