As a way to continue the conversations in The Biola Hour, we've invited Becky Mitchell to blog her thoughts after each episode. This is a response to Episode 51 on vocation and the gig economy. Feel free to interact with Becky's thoughts in the comments below.

The generations coil back as sparks of electricity, ones that leave a legacy for Steve Lindsey to walk into. But Lindsey is no longer an electrical engineer, he is director of the Center for Faith and Work Los Angeles, where he brings energy to every person’s job in connection with their faith. And he is, as he said, in full-time Christian ministry.

Often when I hear ministry my first thought is: that’s not my primary job. The second thought: I am a missionary in the ministry God has given me. Yet still, when sitting at church I hear the pastor’s words as an echo of mine and many others’ thoughts: a person involved in full-time ministry must be a missionary or pastor. But I love it when the story is actually about a retired plumber. I love it when the story is about a woman who shows me how much we need God in the growing of a business. I love it when the example is any worker in the kingdom of God.

But I also want to be careful to not limit people to their jobs or job titles. Your job is not a box for me to place you in. Your job is a way for people to see the talents God has given you. Your job is a way to respond to God’s commands, ones like the Great Commission and loving your neighbor as yourself. Your job is ministering, attending to someone’s necessities, as defined by As you live your sacred life, you are an image bearer of God. And God is the ultimate worker, as Lindsey shared.

As we wait for the kingdom to come, may we steward our gift of being God’s image bearer well and may we steward that image in other people well, too. May we remember our work as a blessing. May we give expression to who God is.