As a way to continue the conversations in The Biola Hour, we've invited Becky Mitchell to blog her thoughts after each episode. This is a response to Episode 47 on  the Holy Spirit and his activity around the world. Feel free to interact with Becky's thoughts in the comments below.

The prayers would come absent of English and Spanish. The prayers would come full of the Spirit. The prayers would come from a relationship with the Holy Spirit. These are the prayers of Oscar Merlo’s grandma. The prayers that would form Merlo.

These prayers of a woman in Honduras gave me chills. I was quickly in love with the way Merlo talked about the Holy Spirit in Latin America and the global south. Of how oppression can lead people to seek the Lord. Of how souls are being won but social transformation lacks. The life the Holy Spirit is producing in many of these communities tells of God’s saving grace being recognized.

Our need for God is not lesser or greater in certain countries or in specific people. When we say, “Lord, help them know you” it is with the same recognition of our own need for God. The moving of the Holy Spirit is the grace of God sweeping the earth that does not belong to any specific denomination or person, as Merlo said.

“Won’t You come. Come like You promised
Pour out Your Spirit. Pour out Your Spirit.”

Do you ever think of the Holy Spirit’s work as scary? When I consider the Holy Spirit’s role in my own life, I hear phrases and questions from conversations, of stories told and experiences resonating. Pastor Simon asks me, “So you look for God’s work everyday?” I nod yes not having thought about it this way before. I tell of seeing fog to know God’s direction for my summer internship. The silence brings peace as I am in the presence of God. Each is a recognition of the Holy Spirit’s work often without ever naming the Holy Spirit.

Now, after the Holy Spirit has moved, what does your life look like?