As a way to continue the conversations in The Biola Hour, we've invited Becky Mitchell to blog her thoughts after each episode. This is a response to Episode 38 on Christian responsibility and politics. Feel free to interact with Becky's thoughts in the comments below

Politics. It is a topic that I dread. But it is also a conversation I hope to be included, and to include others, in with respect. I hear the roar of conversations in tentative tones. I join with my limited but pride-filled knowledge, and now wonder when I sit at the table will I listen to another’s opinion if it differs from mine?

I tell myself I know what is happening in the realm of United States’ politics because I read about policies on immigration and refugees—things I am passionate about. Wait a minute, what about one of my least favorite topics: economics? Well, the stories I often choose to read reinforce my view—the use of my news app has been curated, as Dr. Joy Qualls shared. I read the occasional story or listen to the TV news report about the other ‘outlandish’ topics. As a journalist and a Christian this is not a good practice.

Perspective. It is a concept I love. I interview people on a multitude of topics to hear what they have to say. I listen and share their perspective in an article. My conversations are filled with other people’s perspectives. It is a practice in many areas of my life—but not all.

So I will begin to read a portion of an article about a controversy beyond my interest. And I will, help me Lord, practice listening and understanding when another human being is discussing politics.

You see today Dr. Qualls challenged me with words from Scripture, including loving my enemy, who is also my neighbor. My news tells me that President Donald Trump does not love his neighbor. Does another individual’s news tell them Trump does love his neighbor? I see him as holding power he does not deserve because I see it wrongly wielded. I am angry and sad but he does not have the power to begin with.

I wondered why we kept returning to Scripture because it seemed so foreign to have Jesus’ words intertwined in this often controversial topic. Far too often my conversations about politics have no Scripture involved. Have I let my argument stand on things not based in Scripture? Or have I simply forgotten the source of wisdom?

I heard the call of truth that God holds the power. All the policies in the world will not fix what is broken, for we are waiting for our Savior.