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LATEST VIDEO: Matt Redman // May I Never Lose the Wonder



Ep 35: Jessica Rey
The Business of Beauty


Ep 28: Sarah Schwartz
Be a Good Girl


Ep 10: Derek Minor
The Land of Opportunity

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Continuing the Conversation

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Check out our follow-up podcasts where we invite a few students to reflect and discuss each live episode and continue the conversation. Their thoughts are not only helpful in processing the content of each podcast, but their perspectives provide creative avenues to live out the truths of each episode.

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Continue the conversation with Sydney Perry, our student blogger, who provides her perspective on the latest episode. Her latest: The Power of Worship.

The Power of Worship

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Why The Biola Hour?
The Biola Hour hosts biblically grounded conversations on culturally relevant issues so that we can cultivate our calling to love God and others in our everyday lives.

Mike Ahn, Producer & Host
Mike oversees the podcast, and is originally from La Crescenta, California. He wonders if he will ever find mountain biking trails in Orange County as good as those near his hometown.

Landon White, Co-Producer
Landon oversees the live video and audio experience. He is also a frequent host on our B-sides. He is originally from Benton, Arkansas, and loves long walks on the beach.

Student Production Team: Josh Durant (audio), Hannah Harkness (website), Molly Larsen (social media), Amir Girgis (B-sides/production), Tracy Brooks (production), Colleen Sammons (production), Logan McDonald (production), Amina Edache (production), Tyler Cole (graphic design).

Special thank you: Chris Irwin (audio), Andy Witbeck (audio), Jon Aguilar (lighting), David Baxter (video/podcast hosting).