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Spiritual Well-being

Abiding in Christ with Community

Mature faith grows as we learn to walk daily with God and others, often by cultivating spiritual rhythms (John 15:1-11). And, all too often, the process of growth also involves failure! There is, however, no condemnation for those of us in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1), and through these moments of faltering we can discover God’s invitation to work out our growth with Him (Philippians 2:12-13). At times, faith involves releasing our spiritual “progress” to Him and resting in His gracious work in us.

Biola is full of resources to support your growth in life-long abiding with Christ and in community, including staff who are here to assist you personally as you discern God’s work in the seasons of your life so that you can cooperate with Him. Our prayer is that during your time at Biola you will engage in encouraging relationships and rhythms of life such as scripture reading, prayer, service, and joining intergenerational church communities. We pray that these rhythms will become foundational habits for your life-long abiding in Christ, that as you abide in His Love you’ll bear good fruit for his kingdom, and that you’ll experience the fullness of the Lord’s joy in the process (John 15:1-11).

    About challenges and growth in their life with God

    What Biola Students Say

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    • Prayer Requests

    most common during Fives chapels are for peace and strength in the midst of stress and difficulty, growth in relationships with others, and growth in intimacy and trust with God

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    • Spiritual Disciplines

    identified as most helpful for their life with God are personal devotional time, bible classes, church engagement, and chapels

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    • Concerns

    that most often bring students to Pastoral Care are a sense of overwhelm, questions of shame and guilt, family relationships, relationships with friends or significant others, and mental or physical health concerns

    Campus Resources

    What one small step can you take to practice well-being in your life with God?

    Learn & Practice Self-Care

    Check out Campus Resources & Events

    Build your Community

    Develop your Skills in Classes & Workshops

    • Intentionally engage your Bible classes, taking full advantage of prayer projects, reflection papers and learning skills for deeper study of God’s word.

    Talk about Your Concerns

    Additional Resources from Biola

    Biola Hour logo
    The Biola Hour

    Listen to the Biola Hour, biblically grounded conversations on culturally relevant issues so that we can cultivate our calling to love God and others in our everyday lives.

    Dr. David Wang speaking at Biola chapel
    Christ as Model and Guide for Life in a Pandemic

    Hear Dr. David Wang on grief with God in the pandemic.

    Dr. Danielle Walker speaking at Biola chapel.
    Let Gratitude Be Your Guide

    Join Dr. Danielle Walker in practicing gratitude.

    Brian Peterson speaking at Biola chapel.
    Your Paintings Will Take You Where the Gospel is Not Welcome

    Listen to Brian Peterson share his ministry story and how “the homeless” became neighbor and friend.

    Todd Pickett speaking at Biola chapel.
    Discerning the will of God

    Todd Pickett shares wisdom on discerning the voice and will of God: Is it Him or is it me?

    Alex Choi speaking at Biola chapel.
    The Savior Healer

    Alex Choi talks about Jesus as savior and healer.

    Dr. Carmen Imes speaking at Biola chapel.
    Jesus and the original "God With Us"

    Dr. Carmen Imes shares about Jesus and the original “God With Us."

    Jennifer Guerra Aldana speaking at Biola chapel.
    The Truth about Ruth

    Hear Jennifer Guerra Aldana on the story of Ruth.

    Karrie Garcia speaking at Biola chapel.
    Depression, Anxiety and Cake

    Hear Karrie Garcia on life with God in the midst of depression and anxiety.

    Naime Lett speaking at Biola chapel.
    Ministry in the Middle

    Hear from Naima Lett on “Ministry in the Middle."

    Dr. Barry Corey speaking at Biola chapel.
    Past Chapels and Conferences

    Search past chapels and conferences to deepen your understanding of living faithfully with God.