Chapel Opportunities

What Biola Chapel Should You Go To?

Are you more Singspo or AfterDark? Take this BuzzFeed quiz to find out!

Not only are there lots of opportunities each week to worship and learn in Chapel services, but each one has it's own different 'flavor.' Here's an overview of each 'type' of Chapel.

Sunday “Singspiration” (8 p.m., Chase Gymnasium): Taking seriously the command to “sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Eph 5:19), this Sunday evening chapel invites us into a conversation with God through an extended time of worship. Prayer support and "conversation starters" are offered by our student-led ministry team.

Monday “Word” Chapels (9:30 a.m., Chase Gymnasium): It is good for us to drop everything and present ourselves to God, hearing His Word. This year’s Monday series expounds on our theme “Illuminate.”

Tuesday Talbot Chapels (9:30 a.m., Calvary Chapel): Undergraduates are welcomed to the Talbot community to worship in music and hear the Word preached and taught by many of Biola’s own theology faculty as well as visiting lecturers.

Tuesday “Midday” Prayer (12 p.m., Calvary Chapel): This weekly opportunity provides a chance for us to join with “the great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1) who have for centuries gathered at midday for guided prayer and reflection, returning to our identities in Christ.

Tuesday “Fives” Prayer (5 p.m., Calvary Chapel): Named simply for the time it meets, Fives calls Biolans to gather at dusk and be led in quiet prayer as we practice the spiritual rhythms of thanksgiving, confession, and scripture meditation, focusing on the psalms and songs of Scripture.

Wednesday “Wisdom” Chapels (9:30 a.m., Chase Gymnasium): God calls His beloved to present ourselves to Him, seeking His wisdom. Wednesdays are “wisdom chapels” which bring biblically-based wisdom to Christian engagements in spiritual formation, arts and culture, missions and evangelism, justice, relationships, and reconciliation.

Wednesday “AfterDark” Chapels (9:10 p.m., Sutherland Auditorium): With the day behind us, nights are often the best time to focus on and receive what God has for us. This student-led chapel offers worship in music and speakers, covering a broad range of teachings from God’s Word and world.

Thursday “Morning Prayer” (9:30 a.m., Calvary Chapel): In Morning Prayer, we praise God, intercede through Him, and listen to Him, connecting early with Him, that we might do so throughout our day.

The Biola Hour or Image of God chapels (9:30 a.m., Sutherland Auditorium): Revived from the old radio program, The Biola Hour is a live-podcast, interactive chapel designed to engage our community in Biblically grounded conversations on culturally relevant issues. Occasionally, we pause The Biola Hour to bring you community testimonies in our Image of God chapel.

Department Chapels: Offered at various times throughout the semester, academic faculty offer chapel services to engage students more deeply with God and their area of study. While geared toward specific majors, all students may attend for Spiritual Development credit. Learn how to plan a department chapel.