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Soul Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care offers a safe place for you to talk, pray, and receive guidance on a variety of topics, such as your relationship with God, relationships with others, emotional concerns, sexuality, doubt, discernment and more.

Our pastoral care staff would love to meet with you for 45 mins to an hour session. You can book your appointment online at

Privacy and Care

In Pastoral Care, the staff desires for you to thrive as a student. At times, this care may lead to a connection with the office of Student Care and Conduct such as in cases of:

  • harm to self or others
  • abuse of children and the elderly
  • sexual harassment or assault
  • difficulties abiding with the community's Behavioral Standards

*Interim Dean Pastor Mike Ahn is the only Student Development campus minister who can offer confidential pastoral care in cases of sexual harassment and assault.

Pastoral care is aimed at providing a safe space for you to share immediate concerns. We’ll listen to you, pray for you and, if needed, direct you to resources for long-term care. This may include Spiritual Direction which you can learn more about at the link.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction involves meeting with another Christian to give prayerful attention to your relationship with God. In Spiritual Direction, you receive help discerning how God is speaking to you, how to respond to Him, and how to live out your relationship with Him. For more information, visit the Spiritual Direction page.

How to get credit for Spiritual Direction

Each Spiritual Direction meeting is equivalent to one Spiritual Development (chapel) credit, up to 5 chapel credits max. Credits are not offered if Spiritual Direction fulfills a class requirement. Your Spiritual Director will report your credit earned directly to the Chapel Accountability office on the last day of chapel, which is typically the last Friday before finals week. Any sessions after that date will not count toward chapel credit for the current semester. Please plan your sessions accordingly.

Prayer Team

Prayer is both a personal and communal practice. There is a team of students passionate about prayer who are volunteering their time to pray for the needs of our campus. You can receive prayer a couple of ways: Prayer teams are available at Afterdark and Singspo Chapel. But also, this team will be faithful to meet and pray for the requests below. You’re invited to share your heart and prayer request knowing that your fellow students will bear that burden alongside you.

View Prayer Request Form