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Images of places in a Biolan's career journey, including Biola's bell tower, music notes, mountains, Calvary Chapel, Hollywood, Jesus Saves, Palm Trees
Joshua Choi from the interview

Career is a Journey

Hear William Casey Wells (CEO and Founder of Milestone Partners), Joy Qualls (Chair & Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Biola University) and Joshua Choi (Career Specialist at Biola University) speak about their journey to get to their ideal job.

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Career Exploration — Two people enjoying a scenic view of mountains

Career Exploration

Take time to explore your major and career using tools and assessments.

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LinkedIn vs. Handshake: Which Should I Use?

In the quest to find the ultimate tool for job hunting, two resources rise to the top — LinkedIn and Handshake. Learn about the different features that each platform provides in helping students and professionals find their next job or internship.

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Jobs and Internships — People in a meeting with open laptops

Gain Experience

Gain valuable career experience to pave the way for your next steps.

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Career Tools — Items on a desk including smart phone, laptop, calculator, coffee, pen

Career Tools

Making a good first impression is important. Build skills that will prepare you for your job search and help you tell your story to future employers.

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What major should you choose? How do you find a job or internship? How do you discern career direction?

We’re here to help you assess your interests, explore careers, build career skills and engage in the job-search throughout any aspect of your career journey.

Our Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of Biola Career Development is that all students would thrive in their careers by growing in their strengths, finding meaning in their work, and impacting the world for Christ. We seek to equip and empower students to explore careers, gain experience, and connect with a robust network of employers and professional mentors.

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Thank you for the support of our annual sponsors: Footprints Behavioral Interventions, Good Seed Community Development Corp and Ronald Blue Trust.

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