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Calling and Career

Being a follower of Christ, you are called; called to have a relationship with God (primary calling) and to honor Him in all things, including your work (part of your secondary callings).

None of us have the full picture of our career calling. Instead, we are invited to trust the character of God. He is our Good Shepherd who will guide, protect, lead, and care for us.

Discerning career calling is an active process for Christ-followers to engage in through understanding the elements of calling, self-knowledge and exposure to the world around them. Callings can shift, change, and unfold throughout one’s lifetime, requiring regular re-entry into the discernment process.

This page contains several resources to help you understand and discern your vocation and callings.


Chores and Treehouses

President of the VOCA Center, Chip Roper, speaks at The Biola Hour chapel.

Meaningful Work

Ariana Malloy discusses why it is so crucial that we find meaningful work, and how we can steward it well for the glory of God.

Quarter Life Calling

Paul Sohn shares about his book "Quarter-Life Calling" and how twenty-somethings can find purpose at the stage of life that they are living.

Developing a Sense of Calling

Rich Park shares a practical framework to help us confidently develop a sense of calling in our lives.

Calling in the Marketplace

Phillip Chang, founder and CEO of Yogurtland, joins us to talk about how he navigates faith in a competitive business environment.

Vocation and Calling

Lisa Igram and Chad Miller discuss the core meanings of vocation and calling.

Talbot Talks: Vocation & Calling

Scott Rae further defines vocation and calling along with practical advice for discernment.

Designing Your Life

A TEDx talk from Bill Burnett about how design thinking can help with understanding and planning your life.

How to Find and Live Your Calling

A TEDx talk from Bryan Dik about understanding calling from a psychological perspective.

Course: God and Your Work

Dr. Scott Rae helps you see your work and career as your ministry for God.