God and Your Work

Talbot School of Theology

About this Course

Do you ever feel like you're working just to pay the bills?

Do you look forward to the day when you won't have to go to work anymore?

Do you view the ministry of your pastors as more valuable to God than your work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. The question of whether your work matters to God is one that many people wrestle with. In this online course, Dr. Scott Rae and several other scholars want to help you understand that your work matters deeply to God. They will help you see that all followers of Jesus are in full-time ministry, not just the pastors and missionaries. And they will help you recognize that the professional work you do is part of your service to God.

Join Dr. Rae for a 6-lesson journey through an exploration of work, calling, and vocation.

Each lesson contains:

  • Videos that unpack the lesson topic
  • A short quiz to help you recall what you learned
  • A reflection to help you integrate the material into your own life

Note: This is the individual version of the course. This course is formatted for individual study. There is also a small group curriculum version of this course that contains videos and a downloadable participant guide for use in an in-person small group.