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  • Ryan Dea — 

    In the dating and relationship world, being “ghosted” typically refers to not hearing back from someone. Ghosting can also happen in professional...

  • Beyond a Humanities Degree

    Leveraging Internships in the Job Search

    Chayila Kleist — 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the job market to slow down. According to the The Wall Street Journal, students set to graduate this spring are...

  • Kelsey Jimenez — 

    There’s nothing more defeating than receiving “no” after “no” in your job search. After countless hours and dozens of applications, another...

  • Jasmyn Alvarez — 

    As 2020 comes to a close, you may consider waiting until spring to continue your job or internship search. After all, doesn’t hiring slow down...

  • Ryan Dea — 

    Applying to jobs and internships can often feel like its own job with an endless cycle: Search for job leads, craft a resume and cover letter, fill...

  • Misheel Bayarsaikhan — 

    Biola University alumnus Thomas Stewart (‘16) interned and worked at various companies during and after his time at Biola. His resume includes...

  • Andrea Johnson-Speight — 

    Starting the search for an internship can feel daunting. There are so many websites, so many options, and so many applications to be filled out....

  • Kendall Jarboe — 

    A recent report from Randstad shows that 60 percent of women have never negotiated their salary. In 2020, women make only $0.81 for every dollar...

  • Austin Green — 

    Landing your first job out of college is a significant accomplishment worth celebrating, but many graduates who do so immediately face another...

  • Jasmyn Alvarez — 

    Many employers conduct virtual interviews via phone, pre-recorded video questions, or live video calls as a way to maximize time. Now in light of...

  • Heather Martin — 

    Last year, I embarked on a journey to find a new online career assessment tool for Biola University students. I wanted to find the best for the...

  • Misheel Bayarsaikhan — 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has not only reshaped the classroom experience for college students, but it has left students with uncertainty about finding...

  • Brianna Reynolds — 

    COVID-19 has clearly impacted our world in a variety of ways, including the cancellation of many students’ internships. If your internship was...

  • Austin Green — 

    Alumnus John Delapena (‘19) knew he wanted to help children and make the world a better place. Initially, he thought he would follow in his father...

  • Joy Ito — 

    If you’re studying biology, chemistry or engineering, working in a lab is a great way to boost your resume. The work experience you earn in a lab...

  • Ashley Logue — 

    Alumnus Soren Iverson (‘17) studied studio art with an emphasis in design and minor in business during his time at Biola. He is currently an art...

  • Austin Green — 

    Have you ever wondered what qualities employers care about when hiring college students or recent graduates? Student resumés that show leadership...

  • Lisa Reimann — 

    Lara Renee went through ups and downs before landing her ideal role.

  • Joshua Choi — 

    Have you considered attending graduate school after Biola? Based on averages from 2012-2018 outcome survey data, 18.2 percent of Biola graduates...

  • Finding Your Graduate School Program

    Five steps to narrowing your choices

    Austin Green — 

    Your education does not have to end once you receive your undergraduate diploma. Millions of students decide to enroll in post-graduate programs...

  • It’s All About People

    Five Ways to Find Internships

    Tiffany Lee — 

    Even with the rise of web and social media resources, interpersonal relationships are still the key to gaining internship experience. Check out this blog for helpful tips on finding internships.

  • Lisa Reimann — 

    Working abroad after completing one’s education doesn’t have to be an unrealistic dream; it can be a reality.

  • Rediscovering Ministry in Ecuador

    Raquel Hamm's career-defining experience studying abroad

    Kaelyn Timmins — 

    Senior Christian Ministries major Raquel Hamm shares about the study abroad experience that challenged her assumptions and shaped her vocation.

  • Faculty Spotlight: Astri Swendsrud

    A Q&A with Art Professor Astri Swendsrud on Addressing the “Elephant” in the Room

    Faeln Naughton — 

    In this interview, Astri Swendsrud shares how her lifelong passion for art developed into a career and what advice she has for undergraduate students pursuing creative careers.

  • Know Your Stuff

    How to Research Companies to Explore Careers

    Grace Kim — 

    Researching companies is one way to learn about different industries, professions, industry trends and a company’s mission and values. The following are some tips for doing company research.