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Category: Making Connections

  • Biola Staff — 

    What do you think of when you hear accessibility? Do you think of special parking spots? Braille signs and guide dogs? Do you think of...

  • Miles Bocianski — 

    Creating meaningful connections with your professors during remote learning can be challenging. Zoom fatigue may even discourage you from keeping...

  • Five Questions to Help Build a Mentoring Relationship with Your Professor

    Registration season might be over, but there are still ways to build relationships with your faculty.

    Christian Leonard — 

    While many students are accustomed to having advising meetings and office hours with their professors, faculty are available to discuss topics...

  • Austin Green — 

    Have you ever wondered what qualities employers care about when hiring college students or recent graduates? Student resumés that show leadership...

  • New Year, New Opportunities

    Tips for securing a student leadership position on campus

    Heather Martin — 

    One way to get involved in the new year is to apply for a student leadership position. Here are three helpful tips to navigate these exciting opportunities.

  • How to Find Belonging at Biola

    Stories of Community and Calling

    Ashia Lee — 

    Marisa Vasquez is a freshman and Taelor Edwards is a senior. Although one is just beginning their college career and the other is about to end...

  • Discontinuation of SGA/Residence Hall Events

    Heat of the Night, Deck the Haven and Mosaic Masquerade

    Brenda Velasco — 

    As some students have heard through word of mouth or social media, Student Development has made decisions to discontinue Heat of the Night, Deck the Haven and Mosaic Masquerade.

  • Zachary Alsens — 

    Two years ago people were telling Tebraie that he should apply to be a Resident Advisor. Since being hired for the job, twice, he has grown to love...

  • Lisa Igram — 

    When we snagged Katelyn Beaty to speak in chapel, kicking off a day of celebration to honor the contributions of some pretty incredible women to our campus community, it was a major win for us.

  • Alex Bell — 

    Don't make someone else a third wheel.

  • Zachary Alsens — 

    “Biola is just a little part of my experience now,” says Senior Film Major Diamond Glaze. “I’m having to tend to so many other things college...

  • Zachary Alsens — 

    Biola used to be located in the heart of Los Angeles. It was once rooted in the heart of a city with wonderfully diverse culture and ideology....

  • John Tuttle — 

    Biola's January term is going away, but it leaves lasting impressions.

  • Zachary Alsens — 

    Joe wants to be a spoken word artist...

  • Zachary Alsens — 

    When Samantha first came to Biola, she felt she didn’t quite fit. She loved the community, her classes and the vibe. One major area was confusing,...

  • Zachary Alsens — 

    Jillian Bradford isn’t your normal Torrey student. She says that theologically, ideologically and fashionably she doesn’t quite fit. Her freshman...

  • Michael Gonzales — 

    What I wish I knew as undergrad student I wish someone would have mentored me in college. I thought I knew what I wanted to do and how to get...

  • Alex Bell — 

    Being homesick isn't unusual, and it isn't even a bad thing. Here are some ways to work through it.