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Category: Well-being

  • Christmas Music is More Than Just Calming, It’s Connective

    Music therapy professor provides insight into why listening to Christmas music can feel so good

    Jenna Mindel — 

    Whether you begin listening to your favorite Christmas songs after the clock strikes midnight on Halloween or if you reserve your listening until...

  • Are Your Thoughts Helpful or Unhelpful?

    Understanding Cognitive Distortions

    Cooper Mootz — 

    Personally, I believe one’s undergraduate years are well spent learning to ask good questions, carrying a countenance of curiosity about the world....

  • Creating Rhythms of Rest for Sleep Week 2023

    Ways rest can draw us closer to God

    Jane Locke — 

    We Are Designed to Need Rest We were created to rest. We were created to rely on the strength and endurance from God. When we feel hungry, we are...

  • Navigating Growth in the New Year

    Seeing God’s truth while setting new goals and intentions

    Jane Locke — 

    Why do we desire fresh starts and growth? The Bible shows us that we were created with a desire to learn and grow. In Genesis, God says to Adam and...

  • Five Resources for the Home Stretch

    Ways to feel strengthened and supported at Biola

    Melanie Daly — 

    It’s the home stretch of the fall semester! You only have a few more weeks before Christmas break and should be feeling proud of all you have...

  • How Can Gratitude Improve Your Life?

    Researchers on gratitude share their discoveries and give practical ways you can incorporate gratitude into your life at an upcoming conference.

    Peter Hill — 

    Researchers on gratitude share their discoveries and give practical ways you can incorporate gratitude into your life at an upcoming conference.

  • Finding Peace in the Pieces

    A reflection on Mental Health Awareness Week

    Haven Luper Jasso — 

    We yearn for our lives to be a beautiful, completed picture that reflects God’s goodness and joy — and yet, so often, it feels like our lives are a confusing, mess of broken pieces we are left unsure of how to fit together.

  • Kamryn Newport — 

    There's much more to intellectual well-being than absorbing information.

  • Katie McGee — 

    The church plays a critical role in the spiritual life of the believer. And the believer plays a critical role in the life of a healthy church.

  • Why Emotional Well-Being Can Be Confusing

    Clarifying the meaning of emotional well-being

    Beverly Chung — 

    “What is emotional well-being? Are you referring to mental health?” These are questions I found myself asking when I heard the two terms used. For...

  • Haven Luper Jasso — 

    Being a Christian with a physical body is an interesting thing. Oftentimes, we create this false dichotomy between “the spiritual” and “the...

  • Victoria Marinova — 

    As students, I think we can all agree that sometimes, basic human needs take a backseat in our list of daily priorities. Juggling classes,...

  • Kate Marie Fitzpatrick — 

    There I was, minding my own business and watching Encanto, Disney’s newest movie, with my little brother over Christmas break, when what I thought...

  • Prioritizing Wellness in the New Year

    How to cultivate a life of wellness where you are, with what you have

    Debrianna DeBolt — 

    Whether you consider yourself a “New Year resolutions” type of person or not, it is a perfect time to start thinking about your personal wellness....

  • I’m Graduating and I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

    Why the Movie “Soul” Made Me Sob

    Staff Writer — 

    My parents helped me move into Biola my freshman year. I was an Alpha West girl ready to rock this Biola world, and I did what I could to walk my...

  • Kate Faulkner — 

    As a child, I recognized Easter as the holiday of jelly beans, Peeps marshmallows and wearing matching dresses to church with my sisters. As I grew...

  • Kate Marie Fitzpatrick — 

    My birthday is at the end of February, so as a 2000’s baby, that meant I was welcomed into my twenties with a global pandemic and a lockdown. Happy...

  • Doug Daugherty — 

    This past year has been incredibly challenging for all of us. We share a common experience of disruption and loss that has been unsettling for many...

  • Healing Through the Pandemic

    Perhaps, we can take this extra time to heal from our past.

    Clarissa Chan — 

    Normally, I would consider myself an introvert who relishes physical solitude and, therefore, the inherent recharging brought by the pandemic....

  • Am I Really Resting?

    Needing Rest to Handle the Mess

    Sarah Morgan — 

    As Biola begins Sleep Week this year, you may be thinking that you have conquered the art of sleeping during the past year. In general, many Biola...

  • Zhengming Liang — 

    Have you ever encountered a fictional character that you hated in the beginning of the story, but when you eventually learn the character’s...

  • Kelsey Jimenez — 

    There’s nothing more defeating than receiving “no” after “no” in your job search. After countless hours and dozens of applications, another...

  • Holidays at Home During a Pandemic

    An Opportunity to Give Thanks in the Stillness

    Kate Faulkner — 

    As the year 2020 comes to a close, we can recognize that this year has been different. Whether you had hoped to live in the dorms, off-campus with...

  • Ryan Dea — 

    Applying to jobs and internships can often feel like its own job with an endless cycle: Search for job leads, craft a resume and cover letter, fill...

  • Bailey Giersch — 

    In this season of remote learning, we have spent more time in our living spaces, perhaps with our family back home or with roommates in different...