We Are Designed to Need Rest

We were created to rest. We were created to rely on the strength and endurance from God. When we feel hungry, we are reminded that we need nourishment. When we feel the fatigue of the day and prepare for a night of sleep, we are reminded of our need for rejuvenating rest for our bodies. When we need to take a quick walk in the midst of a stressful homework assignment, we are reminded that we need breaks. When we have a day off from work and school, we are reminded how important it is to have a day away from our busy schedules to be refreshed for the week ahead. All of these are simple reminders from our Heavenly Father that we need Him, we need His strength, His Spirit, His word and reminders that we are finite creatures.

Rest is a gift from God, so how can we create rhythms of rest to draw near to Him?


Find moments in your day to just pause and be still.

  • Create a worship playlist - listen to it as you get ready for the day or get ready for bed

  • Be in nature - go for a hike, walk on the beach, scenic drive or watch the sunset and be present in the beautiful creator and God we serve

  • Find a church community - receive the gift of weekly teaching and corporate worship

  • Create a gratitude journal - write five things a day and thank God for those things

  • Create a quiet routine that is realistic to you - Spend 20 minutes or an hour to just pray, read scripture, listen to worship music, journal or sit in silence and solitude. Whatever it may be, be intentional with adding the time to your day, even if it’s praying while you drive or listening to the Bible audiobook while you’re getting ready.


Find a day to just rest. Even if it can’t be a full 24 hours, spend a morning, afternoon or evening doing whatever brings you joy and peace.

  • Be in nature

  • Go to a coffee shop - journal, read your Bible, pray

  • Make a nourishing meal to care for the body that God gave you

  • Catch up with a friend who encourages you

  • Have a worship session in your room or car

  • Go on a prayer walk

  • Listen to a life giving podcast or read a good book

  • Spend time away from your phone

  • Sleep - God created us to need sleep!

Routines & rhythms

I would encourage you to take some time to reflect on your day-to-day. Do you feel like you’re pretty well balanced? Or do you feel swamped and exhausted? How can you cultivate daily rhythms to prioritize rest?

Find little things that you can add to your routines. Be intentional about taking breaks, prioritize your wellbeing, and bring Jesus into each aspect of your day. He is able to fill your cup when you feel close to empty. He is there to restore you. Take this week to reflect and rest knowing that God delights in you. Visit biola.edu/sleep-week.