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Sleep Week 2022

Rest: Mind, Body, Soul

Cost and Admission

This event is free to attend.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

Do any of these things resonate with you? In the last year have you felt weary, burdened, burnt out, or worn out? Have you felt endless racing thoughts or an inability to rest? If so, you are not alone.

Last year, students all across this campus shared that one of the most challenging things about sleep was their racing minds. After the long few years of pandemic life, filled with challenging transitions and struggles on a national and personal level, many of us are tired and longing for some sort of solution to revive our bodies, our minds, our souls. Many of us are simply tired of being…tired.

Research shows us that when we sleep, our body is designed to restore our depleted energy levels and repair our bodies’ weak muscles. “Repairing” and “restoring” both sound like good medicine for our tired souls. Research also tells us that mental health and sleep are deeply connected. In the rise of mental health challenges brought to the surface over the last year, it is the perfect time to explore how sleep could be a key element in the health of our minds.

For this year’s sleep week, “Rest: Mind, Body, Soul”, we invite you to explore with us the connection between rest and sleep. As we learn to find rest in our minds, bodies, and souls we will notice improved sleep habits, and when we sleep better we will see improved health in every area of our well being.

Jesus is inviting us into this deep rest, “rest for our souls.” We hope and pray that this year’s sleep week would help you develop some helpful practices, rhythms or perspectives around rest and that you would feel the impact of them on your mind, body, and soul.

Sleep Week 2022: Rest: Mind, Body Soul is sponsored by the Student Health and Wellness Collaborative, a cross-campus group representing 25+ Biola programs and services and who are dedicated to positively impacting student well-being at Biola through a collaborative, cohesive movement forward.


Contact Debrianna DeBolt at:
Ext. 5831

Departments campus-wide are participating in Sleep Week 2022’s Rest: Mind, Body, Soul to experience the value of one good week of sleep, whether through blogs, social media, 1x1 conversations or class discussions. In addition, check out these Sleep Week themed events!


Date/Time Event Location
Monday, February 14; 7–8 p.m. Mindfulness Workshop
A BCC therapist will teach mindfulness practices to help calm racing minds in preparation for a good night’s rest. We’ll also have a chance to practice them together!
Tuesday, February 15; 7–8 p.m. PWA Wellness Workshop
The Peer Wellness Ambassador’s will be hosting discussion small groups at the Fireplace. You’ll get to engage with peers, build community, and foster great conversation around physical well being.
Wednesday, February 16; 9:30 a.m. Morning Chapel
Hansel Flores will be outlining the promise of rest in the Old Testament, specifically in Deuteronomy 12 and its fulfillment in the kingship of Jesus in Matthew 11. We will learn that God's covenant promise to us is that we will experience rest when we recognize his kingship in our covenant relationship with Him.
Sutherland Auditorium
Wednesday, February 16; 4–7 p.m. Sleep Fair
Drop by the fireplace to make your own sleep kit, enjoy some sleepy time tea, and participate in many other sleep week activities.
Wednesday, February 16; 4–7 p.m. AfterDark Chapel
Jen Fanning will be speaking on scripturally-grounded ways to be mindfully present- talking through the why of fighting against the rush of culture to produce more and go quickly, learning instead to slow down and take in each moment.
Sutherland Auditorium
Thursday, February 17; 5 p.m. Fives Chapel
Fives Chapel scripture meditation and prayer will explore God’s gift of sleep for his creation.
Sutherland Auditorium
Thursday, February 17; 3–5 p.m. Relaxathon
Commuter Life will host a relaxing stim table set up with fidget toys, squishy, and other fun items to enjoy.
The Collegium


All Week Long

Learn more and engage in conversations about how to practice rest and prepare to sleep as you go about your week:

  • through sleep-promoting snacks in our campus eateries,
  • in Career and Academic Success advising appointments (receive a sleep week sticker)
  • as part of student leadership training and activities,
  • on your favorite Biola social media accounts,
  • in connections with staff and faculty all around campus,
  • while studying at the Library.
  • in the Res Life Office (and receive some restful goodies)

This year, we are celebrating Sleep Week with a Giveaway Challenge! We will be giving away a Hatch Sleep Machine as well as a few amazing Sleep Kits. All throughout the week you will have opportunities to enter into this giveaway. Make sure you write down the Secret Code given to you at each Sleep Week Event. Check it all out on

Here are some examples of how you can enter your name into the Giveaway!

Events: 25 entries (secret codes will be given away at the end of events)

  • Attend the Mindfulness Workshop
  • Attend the PWA Workshop
  • Attend the Sleep Fair
  • Attend the Morning Chapel
  • Attend the After Dark
  • Attend the Fives Chapel

Practices: 10 entries

  • Attempted 8 hours of sleep two nights this week
  • Practice a Mindfulness exercise before you go to bed
  • Do a breathing exercise before you go to bed
  • Try doing a light exercise this week
  • Find a quiet place and sit in silence
  • Take a walk and notice creation
  • Lie down for a short nap.
  • Play a worship song – close your eyes and just listen.
  • Download the Headspace app and practice some mindfulness.
  • Spend some time in community
  • Practice some morning mindfulness before you start your day
  • Tried a new bedtime routine

Resources: 5 entries

Shares/Social Media: 5 entries

  • Share this link on social media and get an entry every time someone clicks on your share link (Biola students only)
  • Follow @biolapeerwellness on Instagram for more information

Need ideas for rest this week? Check out these resources selected to encourage intentionality in practicing resting in the mess. Follow @biolapeerwellness or @biolauniversity on Instagram for more ideas and to engage in our “Rest: Mind, Body, Soul” Community Challenge Giveaway!

Plan Your Week For Rest 

Sometimes, simply creating a calendar for when you will rest in the midst of class, work, and homework can help you actually rest. Bonus: a calendar can also help you plan when you’ll get in your eight hours of sleep each night!

Pause to Practice Rest

Doing something restful doesn’t need much preparation, but it does take intentionality. For those of us unused to resting, it also takes practice. Some have even described rest as a “muscle” that needs to be exercised to be strengthened. Consider taking five or 10 minutes to try one of these practices, and notice how it feels!

  • Practice being present – try noticing what’s around you (sites, smells, sounds) without adding anything to what’s already there. 
  • Find a quiet place and sit in silence.
  • Pause to take a deep breath.
  • Try doing just one thing at a time.
  • Take a Well-being Screen Break.
  • Tell Jesus what you are feeling.
  • Put your phone away and stay off social media for the day.
  • Describe to a friend one thing that distracts you from resting.
  • Take a walk and notice creation.
  • Lie down for a short nap.
  • Play a worship song – close your eyes and just listen.
  • Download the Headspace app and practice some mindfulness.
  • Take two minutes to look out the window and up at the sky.

Practice Resting by Playing

Did you know that play, laughter and fun all promote rest? God created our bodies to release endorphins when we laugh, which decreases stress, builds resilience to disease and can temporarily relieve pain. Due to our remote environment, our need for making play a priority is bigger than ever. Rest this week by having fun!

On your own:

  • Make playdough art.
  • Learn how to cook/bake a new recipe.
  • Carve/paint a pumpkin!
  • Listen to a stand-up comedian.

With others in person:

  • Do you have any children in your home? Do a silly activity with them!
  • Make the biggest possible blanket fort.
  • Play a board game.
  • Have a “minute to win it” tournament with people in your home. Decide on a prize for the tourney winner.
  • Spend time with people who make you laugh.
  • Do karaoke at home with people you live with.

Address the Anxiety or Racing Mind That’s Keeping You from Resting

  • Name your stress and write down your stressors. We tend to avoid tense things by pretending they aren’t there. But anxiety and stress require acknowledgement. Simply writing it down and seeing it for what it is can most often reduce the anxiety we are feeling, and this also gives you a chance to talk with God more specifically about the things that are concerning you. Read more at the Student Life Blog.
  • Consider trying out the free version of Headspace or Calm – two applications designed to help focus racing minds. 
  • Check out Therapy Essentials to learn strategies of mindfulness that may help in fostering rest. It is free and no appointment is required!
  • Try Drop-In Counseling to talk through your concerns and gain some tools for coping. The service is free of cost and is available to all Biola students.
  • If your struggle for sleep is consistent over days or weeks, call the Student Health Center to make an appointment for an evaluation at (562) 903-4841.

Usher in Rest through Healthy Sleep Hygiene

  • Create a bedtime routine to help you slow down and usher in rest. For example, put on your favorite pajamas, listen to your favorite calming song, brush your teeth, put away your phone to avoid the simulating blue light, journal for 10 minutes about your day, crawl into bed, and turn your lights off.
  • Try out one of these sleep hacks: 
    • Put blackout curtains on your windows 
    • Put your phone down 15 minutes before bed
    • Keep a consistent sleep schedule on weekdays and weekends
    • Exercise earlier in the day
    • Shower before bed
  • Find more tips written by students, for students on the Well-being Toolbox “Sleep” tool.

Check Out These Talks and Blogs on the Value of Rest and Sleep

Supporting Students

Start your class with a check-in question about rest

And don’t forget to share your own ways of resting. Students love to hear from their faculty about such things!

  • What are you doing to “rest” this week?
  • What is the last restful thing you did?
  • What are some things that keep you from sleeping? What Sleep Week strategy can you try to improve your sleep?

Encourage Student Engagement in Sleep Week 2022 - Rest: Mind, Body Soul

  • Consider overriding Canvas’ default due time of midnight by scheduling homework assignments to be due by 10 p.m. (or earlier).
  • Join the “Rest: Mind, Body, Soul” Community Challenge Giveaway by participating in these rest and sleep promoting practices all week.
  • Participate in a Sleep Week event or check out the ways departments around campus are promoting rest for your mind, body and soul.
  • Learn from this week’s chapels on God’s gift of rest.

Point Students to Resources on Rest

  • Share the Sleep Week 2022 Rest: Mind, Body, Soul “Student Resources” page with your classes.
  • Offer Biola’s Well-being Toolbox, which was developed by students, for students, with practical tips and tricks on caring for one’s own well-being, including developing healthy sleep habits.

Get the Rest You Need, Too

While we all might glean from tips from the “Student Resources”, the following tips might help build moments of rest in the midst of our work days.

  • Try not multitasking for a day… or even just one meeting.
  • Add “Lunch” to your calendar for the week or the rest of the semester, and then commit to lunching without email-checking.
  • Schedule short, frequent breaks away from your computer or work. Pet the dog, hug one of your kids, or stand outside in the sunshine for a few moments.
  • Take short walks during daylight hours, and breathe deeply as you go.
  • If Sabbath is something you long to do (or haven’t been able to engage in a while), commit to keeping one full day this week open for rest, play and/or connection with God and others.
  • Try using the “schedule send” feature on gmail so that your colleagues get email during normal business hours, regardless of when you need to press ‘send’.
  • Where possible, hold to a 50-minute meeting culture - and take those 10-minute breaks to stretch, breathe, or otherwise give your mind and body a break.
  • Do something fun! Set aside a day or an afternoon this week to play with family or friends.