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    9:00am - 4:30pm (Monday - Friday)

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    9:00am - 4:30pm (Monday - Thursday)
    9:00am - 12:00pm (Friday)

    Offices are closed on observed holidays.

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    Our Mission

    The Office of Student Wellness seeks to foster a cohesive, collaborative, cross-campus approach to student wellness, focusing on proactive, preventative strategies to promote student well-being.

    Letter from Dean

    Dear Biola students,

    At Biola, we believe that your college education involves more than gaining head-knowledge. Your education involves whole-person growth and well-being. And your well-being is critical to your academic success.

    Here at Biola, we define well-being as:

     an active, intentional process of personal and communal choice to foster resilience and flourishing in the midst of daily life. Our well-being begins with discovery of both individual and community needs and strengths. We cultivate well-being by stewarding physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, relational, and culturally diverse aspects of our whole person. Well-being does not mean freedom from illness, challenges, trials or suffering; instead, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, these are the very things that can form us in Christ-like wisdom, character and maturity (James 1:2-8, Col. 1:28).

    Biola has a number of practical resources to support your well-being. We also work across departments to support your well-being through events like the Torrey Conference Wellness Walk and Sleep Week. You’ll learn more about these resources throughout this website.

    Our prayer is that when you hit a challenge or a struggle, when you need to attend to your emotional, physical or relational well-being, that you’ll have the courage to reach out to one of the many resources we provide. Our community is ready and able to walk alongside you in supporting your life here at Biola.

    The Lord will use both joys and challenges to develop character, wisdom, and maturity in you. And we are excited to journey with you in what the Lord will do.


    Lisa Igram
    Dean of Student Wellness

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    Assistant Professor of Theology; Dean, Student Wellness
    Kristen Roark
    Administrative Coordinator
    Student Wellness Coordinator
    Director, Learning Center and 504 Compliance Officer
    Assistant Dean of Student Care & Wellness Programs

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