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Well-being Toolbox

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Tools & Resources to Foster Your Own Well-being

Sometimes all it takes is a few simple tools or practices to support our own well-being. The Well-being Tools below were developed by the inaugural Peer Wellness Ambassador team for the whole student body. Each tool offers resources that you can use to foster your own well-being. As you think about this season of your life, what do you think you might need? Which tool will you try today?

*Tip: Print out a My Next Steps worksheet to create your plan!

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Create a Rhythm with God

We are constantly exercising our intellect in learning about God in Bible classes, yet God created us not just with brains, but also bodies, emotions and relationships. As we’re learning more about God, we can feed our spirits by engaging with God throughout our days through holistic Spiritual Disciplines.

Four friends hugging
Talk to Someone

Need someone to talk to? Going through a hard time and need some advice? Want to build community? Here are some resources you can explore to help with whatever you need!

Bed with pillow and blankets
Get Some Sleep

Getting enough good sleep can be one of the largest factors in helping you succeed and thrive during your time in college. Here are some tips and tools to help you prioritize rest!

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Create a Routine

Do your days ever seem to be slipping through your fingers? As life constantly changes around us, rhythms and routines can bring stability in our day to day lives and responsibilities.

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Eat Something Tasty and Healthy

Check out these resources designed to help you develop good eating habits, start cooking for yourself, and eat on a low budget. You are also encouraged to join a huddle community (The Hungry Eaglets on the Biola App) that cares about eating tasty and healthy food.

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Practice Mindfulness

There is plenty to handle being a student, athlete, friend, or co-worker, on top of all your other commitments. Incorporating intentional breathing, mindfulness or meditation into your daily routine will help you lower your stress levels and increase your confidence as you use these breaks to fuel your studies, relationships, and work.

Image of person running up the stairs with orange shoes
Get Up and Get Moving

Whether you’re a runner, walker, jumper, or dancer, you are strengthening both your body and your mind by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. The benefits of exercise are endless, so get up and get moving!

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Reach Out for Academic Success

Having trouble with one of your classes? Confused on the next step for your academic journey? Here are some resources from both inside and outside of Biola to help you flourish academically!

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Get Internship and Career Support

Finding an internship opportunity and figuring out a career path that you would like to pursue are challenging pursuits! Check out this list full of resources both on and off campus.

Developed by the ‘20-’21 Peer Wellness Ambassador Team: Clarissa Chan (Psychology, ‘23), Kate Faulkner (Communication Sciences and Disorders, ‘22), Kate Marie Fitzpatrick (Psychology, ‘22), Bailey Giersch (Communication Studies, ‘20), Michael Liang (English, ‘21), Sarah Morgan (Human Biology, ‘21), Sami Winslow (Cinema and Media Arts, ’21).