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Category: Office of Innovation

  • Social Innovation: Blending Business with Impact

    Exploring how business can be a vessel for positive change

    Lindsey Hayden, Silvia Mah, Emily Seeba — 

    Have you ever considered that the Biblical concept of blessing others can go hand-in-hand with innovation? By understanding the needs of customers...

  • Making Failure Your Friend

    How to celebrate the failures you experience

    Lindsey Hayden — 

    Failure is a fearsome word. Though part of being human means making mistakes and experiencing failure, it is easy to spend your life running from...

  • How to Beat Creative Block

    Harnessing the power of play to find creative inspiration

    Lindsey Hayden — 

    Staring at a blank page, desperate for creative inspiration — no one is immune to creative block. When minutes turn into hours without any spark of...

  • Biola Students are Innovating — Will you Join Them?

    How Different Majors Highlight the Importance of Innovation

    Lindsey Hayden, Amanda Udell — 

    Why is seeing innovation in every field so vitally important? Intentional innovation is a key ingredient to making an impactful change in the...

  • How Biblically-Grounded Values Can Help Shape Christian Innovators

    Four ways innovation looks different with Christ

    Lindsey Hayden, Amanda Udell — 

    If you have ever come up with an idea and made it into a reality, you have been an innovator. Even as small children, people learn to navigate the...

  • Why Every Entrepreneur Must Be An Innovator

    Creative problem solving in a changing world

    Lindsey Hayden, Amanda Udell — 

    Gen Z has quickly risen to be considered the most entrepreneurial generation ever. According to Forbes, approximately 62% of young adults and teens...

  • Everyone Can Be an Entrepreneur

    The Biola Startup Competition Brings Big Ideas to Life

    Lindsey Hayden — 

    Have you ever had a big idea? While carrying an idea for a startup often feels empowering and exciting, bringing that idea to life is a process...