Why is seeing innovation in every field so vitally important? Intentional innovation is a key ingredient to making an impactful change in the world. Out of the box, innovative thinking is needed in every field. It enables businesses to prototype new products to best serve its consumers and empowers teachers to try new ways of teaching to best meet the needs of students. Whether people in different fields are aware of it or not, they are part of a line of work that thrives off innovation.

The Misbelief About Innovation

There is a common misconception that innovation is reserved for those interested in business. Perhaps this comes from the overuse of the word in business settings or the underuse of it in settings considered less entrepreneurial, but the reality is that innovation can be seen in every field. From gallery openings highlighting new forms of creative expression to research that showcases the latest scientific findings, innovation can be present everywhere.

Innovation Across Campus

Biola University’s campus is the perfect example of how innovation can be displayed diversely across different majors. Education students press into the new realities of virtual learning and develop new strategies for delivering content. Psychology students work to develop new apps that address feelings of belonging and connectedness on college campuses. Cinema and Media Arts majors learn to use virtual production technology to tell stories in creative and impactful ways that haven’t been explored before. Innovation is happening everywhere on campus, highlighted in unique ways across different majors and fields.

Identifying this reality of innovation is important because it provides the opportunity to actively seek out innovative opportunities. When obstacles challenge the old way of doing things, innovation opens the door to grow beyond what has already been done to find new and better ways of doing things. This form of creative thinking is the tool that sets new ideas into motion when it is sought out intentionally.

How You Can Innovate on Biola’s Campus

For this reason, the Office of Innovation invites students of all majors to come and learn how to hone their innovative skills. Not only are students learning how to create workable solutions and think more creatively, but they are also challenged to think about how these creative ideas can reflect the goodness of God the Creator. Just as God created the earth that science students carefully research and wrote the story that Bible students study, he created each of us with the capabilities to think creatively to further his kingdom in each and every field.

So regardless of what line of work you find yourself in or what major you find yourself studying, know that you have the opportunity to be a difference-maker and an innovator. Every one of us can think creatively to challenge old ways of doing things in order to grow and improve. All it takes is an intentional acceptance of this innovative calling. To join in on this innovative mission we are invited to, stop by the Office of Innovation in Biola’s library and learn how you can grow as an innovator.

Written by Amanda Udell, Game Design major, Lindsey Hayden, Operations and Marketing Coordinator for the Office of Innovation, and Jordan Terranova, Director of Operations for the Office of Innovation.