As 2020 comes to a close, you may consider waiting until spring to continue your job or internship search. After all, doesn’t hiring slow down during the holidays? This is partially true – hiring may slow down over the holidays in certain industries, especially in the midst of COVID-19. However, the holiday break is also an opportunity to continue your search by doing a few strategic things while taking time to rest.

Here are four ways you can still rock your job or internship search while taking care of yourself during the holiday break.

Reconnect & Reach Out

The holiday season is a great opportunity to reach out to others with a personalized message of kindness. Consider writing to professionals you networked with this year or those who gave you great advice. Or, circle back with contacts to wish them a happy holiday and thank them for the time they invested in you. You can also offer to reconnect during the long holiday break. Taking time to express gratitude can also support our own well-being during this season.

Spruce up your Digital Presence

At the end of the year, take some time to optimize your online presence. It is important to ensure your online presence accurately reflects your professional development this year and everything you have accomplished. Does your portfolio website have your best sample work? Have you updated your LinkedIn headline and added your class projects? Spending a few hours to spruce up your online portfolios will help you feel confident as you use these platforms to network and share your strengths with future employers.

Develop a List of Companies

Constantly scrolling through job search websites like Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn to find job leads can be overwhelming. While these websites are helpful, they are not the only way to search for opportunities. If searching through job sites becomes tiresome, try creating a dream company list. Begin with listing brands you admire or follow. Next, search for companies by industries you are curious about. Use the search tool in Handshake to search by company industry, size and location to build your list. Finally, take advantage of the LinkedIn alumni tool to find professionals who work at your dream companies. Consider reaching out to them to grow your network and ask if they would be open to virtually meeting with you after the holidays.

Choose Fun & Rest

At times, your job or internship search may feel slow or disappointing. Especially during COVID-19, it is important to take time to care for ourselves. You know yourself best. What do you need in this season? Perhaps you need to catch up on some sleep or need to get out of the house. What sparks joy and can be done safely? Maybe it’s initiating a socially-distanced watch party of your favorite Christmas movie. This holiday break, give yourself permission to step away from your job or internship search to take care of yourself. Taking time to refresh will provide you with more energy and motivation for the search ahead. What will you do this holiday break to intentionally care for yourself?

Jasmyn Alvarez is the Career Specialist for Crowell School of Business students.