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Cultural Well-being

Developing Community through Cultural Humility

At Biola, we hope to build a community in which all of us - regardless of background, identity or story - belong and thrive as valued members of God’s kingdom. God designed his Church to be one body with many and diverse parts, and each of us has a unique identity that is a valued part of God’s Church. Just as the early church lived out their new identity in Christ as a redeemed, unified, diverse people who crossed ethnic and gender divides in order to spread the gospel (Acts 8:4-8, 26-40, Acts 10:1-48, Acts 16:6-15), we also strive to be a community that is both unified and valuing of difference. Learn more about the “Why” behind God’s value for diversity in Biola’s Theological Statement on Diversity: “Unity Amidst Diversity.” 

Developing a kingdom-community marked by belonging and thriving involves fostering cultural humility. Cultural humility involves learning about our own cultural background, as well as the cultural backgrounds of others. We grow together when we learn to recognize and value others’ differences, understand a diverse range of perspectives, and acknowledge that our differences enrich the whole community.

Dig into more learning about and valuing your own and other cultural backgrounds through the resources Biola has to offer!

    Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development (SEID)

    Enhancing academic success and personal development of students from diverse backgrounds through holistic support.

    Learn More about SEID

    Global Student Programs and Development (GSPD)

    Serving, equipping and empowering global students toward whole-person, intercultural development.

    Learn More about GSPD

    Campus Resources

    What one small step can you take to practice cultural well-being?

    Build your Community

    Check out Campus Resources & Events

    Develop your Skills in Classes & Workshops

    • Attend SCORR Conference - and learn from past sessions in our video archive.
    • Incoming students, consider applying to the LEAD Scholars Program to be equipped for leadership in diverse contexts by developing your intercultural competence in a learning community.

    Talk about Your Concerns

    Additional Resources from Biola

    Jennifer Guerra Aldana speaking at Biola chapel
    Cultural Identity and Faith Formation

    Hear from Jennifer Guerra Aldana on how cultural identity influences faith formation.

    Adam Edgerly speaking at Biola chapel
    Unity in Diversity

    Adam Edgerly, pastor of NewSong LA, cultural consultant, and Biola board member, explains the importance of diverse perspectives in the Christian life.

    Terry McGonigal speaking at SCORR
    Acts as a Case-Study for the Multicultural Church

    Terry McGonigal, Dean of Spiritual Life at Whitworth University, looks at the book of Acts as a case study of unity in a multicultural church, explaining how Acts demonstrates a church that is first and foremost Christ-centered. 

    Global student sharing at Biola chapel.
    Hear Global Student Stories

    Hear global student stories shared at a Biola chapel service. View more stories here.

    Global Faces of Biola instagram
    Global Faces of Biola

    Follow the many stories of global Biola on Instagram.

    John Perkins speaking at Biola chapel
    One Blood

    Hear from Author and Civil Rights Activist John Perkins.

    Kathryn Ecklund speaking at Biola chapel
    No Fear, Know Love

    Kathryn Ecklund speaks at The Biola Hour on how college students can have hard conversations about the value of diversity.

    Panel speaking on racial reconciliation
    A Conversation on Racial Reconciliation

    Hear a panel of Biola favorites speak on the subject of racial reconciliation at this AfterDark chapel.

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