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Get Connected

Here are some ways you can get connected with other global students at Biola. 

Global students

Community Groups

Community groups are global-student specific small groups ranging in size between 8–12 students that meet weekly to connect, check in with one another, engage in events and grow together. This is an awesome way to get to know other global students, participate in events, support one another and build community!

Email for more information about current groups.
Global students

MKs and TCKs

You may be an MK (Missionary Kid) or TCK (Third-Culture Kid)…

  • If “Where is home?” is a hard question for you…

  • If you can order food in several languages or your favorite restaurants are on different continents…

  • If you have often had to convert the imperial system to the metric system or Celsius to Fahrenheit to understand the world…

  • If the terms “global nomad,” “cultural chameleon,” and “ex-pat” mean something to you…

  • If you sometimes feel culturally rootless or have trouble identifying with or embracing a single culture.

We have resources and a community for you here! For more information about how to connect with other MKs and TCKs, email

Global students


We have many fun events planned this year. To join, check out our events calendar.

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GSPD Leadership Team

Leadership Team

GSPD develops globally-minded leaders by intentionally enabling them to serve and equip the Biola community through walking alongside them as they discover and test their unique abilities.

Keep an eye out for the leadership team application every spring semester!

Learn more and meet this year's team
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Stay Informed

We want to make sure that you have the most up-to-date communication, information, resources and connections as a global student. Stay informed by paying attention to these resources:

  • Almost every Monday, the GSPD Newsletter is sent to your Biola email with upcoming events and important information. Make sure you are subscribed!
  • Follow us on social media for event updates and other announcements.
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