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SEID leadership team
Group of first-gen students
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Biola Shares
  • Phone
    (562) 903-4788
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  • Location
    Mosaic Cultural Center (Rose Hall)

Office Hours

  • Regular Hours
    8 a.m.–5 p.m. (Monday - Friday)

    Offices are closed on observed holidays.

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SEID provides exploratory programs and communities that empower students from diverse backgrounds to grow in their identity in Christ, cultivate intercultural competencies, and obtain tools to achieve academic success to become community-minded leaders ready to compete in the global workforce.

Our Vision & Values

At SEID, our vision is to serve as an exemplary model for empowering, advocating, and equipping all students to thrive and be a light in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

  • Collaboration. We recognize the different strengths of our campus community and believe in working together to meet the diverse needs of our stakeholders.
  • Cultural Humility. We acknowledge that our cultural lens colors how we see and experience the world in ways that can be limiting. Cultural humility involves an open posture that seeks to understand others’ cultural background.
  • Unity. We believe in different groups joining together for a common purpose. Unity is not uniformity, but recognizing our differences and rejecting the idea that those differences create division.
  • Inclusion. We believe that the concept of inclusion parallels with the New Testament concept of koinonia. Koinonia describes a state in which all believers are free to fully participate and contribute to the community of believers in their unique ways (cf. Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37).

Department Members

Director, SEID
Assistant Director of SEID & First Gen Programs