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Physical Well-being

Steward your Physical Body

Studies show that good sleep, regular exercise, and healthy eating impact academic success and emotional health. Check it out:

  • Students who got nine or more hours of sleep achieved higher GPAs than students who got six hours or less (William E. Kelly, Kathryn E. Kelly, Robert C. Clanton, 2001). Sleep deprivation triggers anxiety, and poor sleep quality is related to both depressive symptoms and symptoms of anxiety (Eller et al., 2006).
  • Regular physical activity helps improve cognitive functioning, fosters good sleep and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression in healthy people and in people with existing clinical diagnoses (Exercise is Medicine)
  • Students who had breakfast on at least five days per week reported a significantly higher GPA than students who had breakfast on three days or fewer. Students who had fast food at least seven times in the past week reported significantly lower GPAs than students who had eaten fast food less than four times (Reuter, Forster and Brister, 2020).
About caring for their physical bodies

What Biola Students Say

  • 25%

of students found sleep difficulties to be traumatic or very difficult to handle, while 17% said that sleep difficulties affected their academics.

  • 41%

of students met the recommended exercise guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association.

  • 66%

of students reported nutrition habits of eating only up to two servings of fruit & veggies each day, while 4% of students reported eating the recommended five or more servings of fruit & veggies each day.

Source: National College Health Assessment, Spring 2018

Campus Resources

What one small change can you do to practice physical well-being and steward the body God gave you?

Learn & Practice Self-Care

Check out Campus Resources & Events

Build your Community

Develop your Skills in Classes & Workshops

  • Take advantage of your Lifetime Wellness Course as part of Biola’s CORE curriculum to learn more about fitness, nutrition and sleep.
  • Check out Therapy Essentials to learn strategies of mindfulness that may help in fostering physical rest or meeting other goals of caring for you physical well-being.
  • Gain confidence for defending yourself in a R.A.D.S. class.

Talk about Your Concerns

Additional Resources from Biola

Dr. Susan Lim speaks at Torrey Conference on the beauty of sleep
The Beauty of Sleep

Watch this video of Susan Lim, assistant professor of history, speaking at a breakout session of Biola's annual Torrey Memorial Bible Conference on October 9, 2019.

Dr. Chris grace teaches on sleep and sleep deprivation in his PSYC 200 course.
The Stages of Sleep and Impact of Sleep Deprivation

Watch this video to see Dr. Chris Grace explain the purpose and function of sleep as well as the effects of sleep deprivation in a PSYC 200 lecture.

A male subject sleeping in bed
How Can Sleep Bring Glory to God?

Read this Biola Magazine article by Jason McMartin, associate professor of theology, on the spiritual significance of sleep.

A female sleeping in bed
You Might Be Sleeping All Wrong

Alumna Alex Bell shares some research regarding good and bad sleep positions for optimal rest on the Student Life blog.

Professor Matt Walker from the Smithsonian
Learning, Sleep and Why All-Nighters are a Bad Idea

Watch this video of Professor Matt Walker, from the Smithsonian, lecture to learn about the effects of sleep on learning.

Male sleeping with stuffed animal lamb
You Snooze, You Win

Check out NCAA's Focus on Sleep for Student Athletes.

Well-being workout video
Biola Well-being Workouts

Check out nine weeks of curated at-home workouts from Director of Sport Performance Frank Ramirez.