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Multi-Ethnic Events

Special on-campus events take place throughout the year to emphasize and celebrate multi-ethnic diversity. These events are in addition to those regularly planned by individual clubs, but students are just as significant here as any place else on campus.

Students help organize and participate in a variety of ways. For more information and updates, visit the Campus Engagement website.

Sola Soul

Sola Soul is an annual concert where students celebrate unity and diversity through the artistic medium of hip-hop. Guest artists from the surrounding community share the creative and diverse art forms they use to glorify God and evangelize in the community. At Sola Soul students utilize and showcase the various elements of hip-hop, such as b-boys, graffiti, spoken word, and DJ's.

Gospel Fest

Gospel Fest is an annual celebration of the Lord's goodness and grace. At this event, a variety of artists share their unique giftedness as they perform and lead the congregation in worship. In keeping with the Biola Gospel Choir's distinctive, Gospel Fest displays the diversity and variety of Gospel music styles. In addition to a performance each year from the Gospel Choir, guest performances have included soloist, duets, dance, mime, and choirs from churches and colleges across Southern California.

Poetry Lounge

Poetry Lounge takes place once each semester when an entire evening is dedicated to students and guests from the community partaking in spoken word and creative expression. Poets and lyrical artists share their original work in an array of cultural expression forms.

gospel choir students singing