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Residential Halls and Apartments

Blackstone Hall
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We believe in the value of living in community during your time in college. One way you can learn and grow through community is by living in a Residence Hall on campus. Each hall is designed a little differently, but every single community is full of people who value hospitality and relationship. Explore the halls and apartments below!

Building Designs

Biola offers three different building designs: Traditional, Suite-Style and Apartment Style.

  • Traditional Residence Hall

    In a traditional Residence Hall you will share a room with one other person. Each floor has one or two common bathrooms. There are community spaces throughout the building where you can hang out or participate in events.
  • Suite-Style Residence Hall

    In suite-style Residence Halls you will share a suite with three other people - you will have one roommate, and you and your roommate will share a bathroom with two other ‘suitemates’ in the room next door. There are also community spaces throughout the building.
  • Apartment Style Residence Hall

    Apartment Style Residence Halls are designed for upper classmen students (Juniors or Seniors who are 20 years and older). These halls consist of apartments with full kitchens and bathrooms; apartment sizes range from two person (one bedroom) to four person (two bedrooms).

Residence Halls

Alpha HallAlpha Hall

Alpha is a traditional 'dorm-style' hall with community restrooms and a laundry room on each floor. There is a large main-floor lounge, a rooftop sundeck, a main kitchen and two microwave rooms. The lounges, prayer room and study room were recently renovated to create a warm, inviting community area for residents.

Blackstone HallBlackstone Hall

Built in 2015, Blackstone is a unique housing option because it is comprehensive, housing all classes of students, as well as an affordable housing opportunity. Blackstone is also proud to offer a curriculum geared toward the development of First Generation students. With four lobbies and three kitchens, Blackstone offers every opportunity to experience community.

Hart HallHart Hall

Built in 1970, Hart is a traditional-style dorm located on the southernmost part of campus and houses both men and women. It features multiple community style bathrooms on each of the four floors: "Heat," "Haven," "Hub," and "Hue."

Hope HallHope Hall

Hope Hall is a traditional-style dorm that houses just over 200 male and female residents with community-style bathrooms on each of the four floors. Built in 2003, Hope Hall is the largest residence hall on campus, and is treated as two communities: the north end is known as Hope North, and the south end as Hope South, each with its own resident director and staff of resident advisors.

Horton HallHorton Hall

Built in 2005, Horton Hall is a traditional-style dorm that houses just over 400 male and female residents. Each of the five floors have community style bathrooms and a centrally located elbow lounge. There is a large basement kitchen with a lounge area and pool table. Horton Hall is treated as two communities: the north end is known as North Horton, and the south end as South Horton, each with its own resident director and staff of resident advisors.

Sigma HallSigma Hall

Built in 1977, Sigma is a suite-style dorm that houses around 250 male and female students in suite-style rooms. Sigma has three stories and is an “L” shaped building which creates what we refer to as long halls and short halls. It also shares a gorgeous new courtyard with the Blackstone Hall, and is steps away from the Blackstone Cafe.

Stewart HallStewart Hall

Built in 1966, Stewart Hall houses male residents in quad-style rooms and female residents in suite-style rooms. Located on the south end of campus between Hart Hall and Hope Hall, Stewart is a two story building with a central lobby equipped with a kitchen and recreation area.



With its warm yellow exterior and lush greenery, Beachcomber (“Beach”) has welcomed Biola students to their home away from home since 2005. Beachcomber has 16 apartments housing 2-4 people each, complete with their own kitchen, 1-2 bedrooms, bathroom, and living room. Beach boasts a communal laundry room, two BBQ grills, bike racks and a convenient ten-minute walk to campus.

La Mirada ApartmentsLa Mirada

La Mirada Apartments is a lively community with mostly 2-bedroom units with a living room and kitchen – including a dishwasher. The apartment features BBQs, outdoor seating, two laundry rooms and a pool. This is the furthest apartment from campus, and gives the students great experience in apartment-living that will surely come in handy after graduation.


Located across the bridge from main campus on the “Bluff,” Li apartments provide the off-campus living experience with on-campus convenience. Its 15 two-bedroom apartments house four residents each. Each of the three floors have individual laundry rooms and elevator access, and share an open-aired patio on the first floor with patio tables and two barbecues.

Lido MiradaLido Mirada

Prized among Biola “Block” apartments for being the closest to campus, Lido welcomes you to a quiet community away from the on-campus bustle. Lido features a shaded courtyard with stately trees and outdoor seating, two BBQ grills, and a communal laundry room. Each apartment comes with its own kitchen, 1-2 bedrooms, living room, and bathroom.


Tradewinds is located just down the street from Biola’s campus and houses around 45 upperclassmen. Apartments contain a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and 1-2 bedrooms per apartment and house 2-4 residents. Residents have access to a communal laundry room as well as a central courtyard with a BBQ grill and outdoor sitting.


Located on the “Block” off Rosecrans Avenue down the street from Biola’s campus. Tropicana’s apartments have two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. All doors open to a central courtyard area and swimming pool, making community building easy and natural. There is also a gated and covered parking lot with one spot per apartment.


Located across the bridge from main campus on the “Bluff,” Welch apartments provide an off-campus living-experience with on-campus convenience. There are fifteen, 1-bedroom apartments, which house three residents each. Each of the three floors have individual laundry rooms and elevator access, and share an open-aired patio on the first floor with patio tables and two barbecues.

Campus Dining

Biola provides a wide variety of campus dining options, from quick and on the go, to our full service sit down cafeteria, to our plentiful coffee shops, we have you covered for campus dining options!

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