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Summer Housing


  • Summer housing will be available to unmarried undergraduate students who are continuing students pre-registered for the upcoming fall semester. In addition, graduating students currently living in campus housing who also intend on enrolling in a summer course are eligible for summer housing, but will be required to pre-pay all summer housing and dining costs before checking into their summer assignment.
  • Summer housing will be available May 5, 2024 - August 17, 2024. Students can sign up for housing for the full summer, or for a portion of the summer.
  • Students who plan to live in campus housing for the Fall 2024 semester will transition to their fall assignment on August 17 and must be available to move on this date. Students not living in campus housing will need to move out of summer housing on August 17 and must be available to move on this date.
  • The latest date students can begin living in summer housing is July 15th.


  • Daily rate: $14.31
  • Total: $1,660 for full summer

Your student account will be billed for your entire stay based on your contracted check-in and check-out dates. Please check with the Accounting Office to find out what day your balance is due.

How to Apply

The Summer Housing Application is available on My Housing Self Service from April 3 - April 24, 2024.

Students will only need to submit a housing deposit if there is not already a deposit on their account. A deposit would be on a student's account if they a) are currently in summer housing and/or b) they have signed up for Fall 2024 housing.

Additional Summer Housing Policies and Information


If you need to cancel your summer housing, you may do so prior to May 1, 2024. After May 1, you will incur a $100 cancellation fee. In order to cancel you should email expressing your desire to cancel and what date you plan on moving out of if you are already living in summer housing.


You will have at least one roommate for a portion or all your summer stay. If you know someone who is staying in summer housing, you can request them as your roommate on the application. If you do not, you will be assigned a roommate (or possibly two different roommates if they are staying separate dates). Students who are approved by the Office of Student Accessibility for special housing accommodations will be offered single-occupancy rooms, otherwise only double-occupancy rooms are offered for summer. All furnishings must remain in the room, regardless of room occupancy.

Community Standards

Biola Community Standards are in effect. Open hours will be the same as those present during the school year, which can be found in the Housing Handbook.

Meal Plans

Summer meal plans are required.

Sign Up For Summer Meal Plan


Summer Meal Plan Prices

Meal Plan SizeDaily RateEntire Summer (May 5-Aug 17)
10 meals/wk$11.70$1,357.20
12 meals/wk$12.32$1,429.12
15 meals/wk$13.17$1,527.72
20 meals/wk$13.98$1,621.68


Please see the Housing Handbook for the guest policy.


If you want to receive mail during summer, you can pick them up in the Biola Store.


If you have a vehicle on campus during summer you are able to use the one you had during the spring semester. If you did not have a parking permit, and need one, please visit the Campus Safety Office by Café Biola to find out more information.


If you are commuting to campus via bicycle over the summer, your bicycle must be registered with Campus Safety (free service) and may not be kept on campus overnight or on the weekends. 

If you are living in summer housing, take your bicycle with you to Hart Hall or Stewart Hall and lock it in the bike racks there. Bicycles found elsewhere on campus or that do not have a permit will be collected by Campus Safety and kept for a period of 90 days before they are donated to a local charity. Contact Campus Safety for instructions and more information.