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Online Bachelor's Student Well-being Resources

When Biola thinks about your academic success, we also think about supporting you as a whole person. We want to help you cultivate your well-being as you steward the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and relational ways God created you to be.

Resources to support these aspects of your well-being are provided by departments across Biola. Your role in cultivating your well-being is to identify your own strengths and needs, then reach out and engage in what is most helpful for you.

Please note that some programs and services are limited to in-person support for students living near Biola’s campus, while others also offer online options for students located outside of Southern California.

Intellectual Well-being

Find support for your academic success, as well as next steps in your career journey.

Spiritual Well-being

Center your heart and mind on Christ as you engage your academic program.

Emotional Well-being

Find support and build resilience as you encounter new challenges that come with life as a university student.

Relational Well-being

Find tools and tips for fostering supportive, healthy relationships as you engage your academic program.