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General Information

The Office of Student Accessibility provides FREE one-on-one tutoring to Biola students for various GE and lower-division courses. Most of our tutors are fellow students who have successfully completed the course and have been highly recommended by the faculty.

Log into our scheduling platform with your Biola email address to view availability and book sessions!

Tutoring starts on Tuesday, January 16th! 

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Please email or stop by our office located on the upper level of the library (U-124).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make the best use of my session?

Arrive prepared for each session

Please come to your session prepared with all necessary materials and specific questions from lectures or homework that you have already worked on. Please include those questions on your appointment form so that your tutor can also prepare as needed!

Tutors can help during sessions by

  • Reviewing course material
  • Providing different ways to understand difficult concepts
  • Offering guiding questions to foster independent learning
  • Developing better study skills specific to that class

**Tutoring should NOT be used as a substitute for regular class attendance but rather as a supplement. Students are also expected to take notes during class, keep up with required readings, study with other students and utilize office hours with your professor.

**If you miss class, please reach out to another classmate and/or professor for notes and any missed course materials. Tutors are not expected to provide formal instruction nor create lesson plans for their sessions.

Keep it professional

Any and all personal matters should be kept outside the tutor-tutee relationship and sessions should be use solely for the purpose of going over course material.

Be respectful

Mutual respect is expected at all times within the tutor-tutee relationship. Please maintain appropriate language, tone and behavior at all times.

Honor Code

Please be mindful of the university’s academic integrity policy as you receive tutoring. All coursework you turn in for a grade must be your own work.

Need to cancel or reschedule?

Late Cancellations

If you are unable to make your appointments, out of respect for everyone’s time, please cancel appointments as soon as possible.

Sessions cancelled within 3 hours of the start time will be considered a late cancellation. After 3 late cancellations, your account will be deactivated for the rest of the semester.


Both tutee and tutor are asked to observe the 15-minute rule. If you are more than 15 minutes late, students will be marked as a no-show and your session will be cancelled.

Appointments cannot be changed or cancelled within 1 hour of the start time. If you miss your session, it will count towards a no-show. After 3 no-shows, your account will be deactivated for the rest of the semester.

Account Reactivation

Students can request their accounts to be reactivated by emailing

What if there is no tutor for my course?

You can fill out this tutoring request form and our office will start looking for a tutor. This process typically takes about 2-3 weeks. Please note there will be some courses (e.g., 300-level courses) for which we will not be able to hire a tutor. We stop taking requests starting week 10 of each semester. (S24 deadline - 11:59 p.m. on Friday, 3/15/24)

We also recommend students explore the following options:

  • Utilize professor's office hours for help with any of your assignments or lecture content you need clarification on.

  • Form a study group with some of your classmates can also be highly effective.

  • Check if there are departmental drop-in tutoring programs available for your course. See below.

  • You may want to check out TutorMe. They are a separate online tutoring company that is well-reviewed with thousands of tutors so they are a great resource if you need something right away.

For graduate level courses, we are currently only offering Greek and Hebrew tutoring.

No more availabilities?

You can add your name to a wait list by using the 'Waiting List' function located at the bottom-right corner of each day.

How many sessions can I book?

Our tutoring program is highly flexible. You can book one-off sessions as needed or reserve weekly sessions (up to 3 per week) for the entire semester in advance.

Students are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and book tutoring sessions early as same day appointments are not available and tutors have limited availabilities.

However, excessive last minute cancellations and no-shows will lead to being blocked from Office of Student Accessibility tutoring services. See below for more information.

Are there other tutoring resources on campus?

Some departments provide support for their students in the form of office hours with the professor or the TA, while others have drop-in hours for group tutoring. Click the links below to explore additional tutoring options at Biola!