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Academic Mentorship

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General Information

The goal of the Academic Mentorship program is to help students become more equipped and confident in foundational academic skills necessary for collegiate life. An academic mentor will meet with the student on a weekly basis to provide regular accountability and structure while students build their time management skills.

  1. Fill out the Request a Mentor form.
  2. Once mentor has been assigned to you, Office of Student Accessibility staff will send out a confirmation email with additional details.
  3. Set up weekly recurring sessions with mentor.

Mentoring starts on Tuesday, January 16th!

Request a Mentor


Please email or stop by our office located on the upper level of the library (U-124).

Program Policies

To help maximize everyone's experience, it is important that each student abides by the following Office of Student Accessibility policies.

Late Cancellations

If you are unable to make your appointments, out of respect for everyone’s time, please cancel appointments as soon as possible.

Sessions cancelled within 3 hours of the start time will be considered a late cancellation. After 3 late cancellations, your account will be deactivated for the rest of the semester.


Both tutee and tutor are asked to observe the 15-minute rule. If you are more than 15 minutes late, students will be marked as a no-show and your session will be cancelled.

Appointments cannot be changed or cancelled within 1 hour of the start time. If you miss your session, it will count towards a no-show. After 3 no-shows, your account will be deactivated for the rest of the semester.

Be respectful

Mutual respect is expected at all times within the mentor-mentee relationship. Please maintain appropriate language, tone and behavior at all times.

Honor Code

Please be mindful of the university’s academic integrity policy as you receive mentoring. All coursework you turn in for a grade must be your own work.

Keep it professional

Any and all personal matters should be kept outside the mentor-mentee relationship and sessions should be use solely for the purpose of academic mentorship.

Account Reactivation

Students can request their accounts to be reactivated by emailing