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Building Your Resume

Resumes are a marketing document that help brand yourself for the purpose of being considered for an interview. This is a space to present related experience, skills, and education for a targeted position. 

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Writing Cover Letters

A tailored cover letter accompanies your resume in order to introduce yourself and present how you are uniquely qualified for the position you are applying for. Cover letters add value to resumes by displaying your commitment and eagerness, showing your written and communication skills, and addressing unique job qualifications, and articulating why you would be a good fit with the organization.

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Internship Search Guide

Research from The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that students who did multiple internships had more success securing a job or placement in graduate school than their counterparts. What does this tell us? Getting experience is a pivotal part of your Biola experience!

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How to Network Effectively

Networking is a valuable aspect of the job-search process because it gives you access to industry knowledge and can lead to potential job opportunities. Use these tips below to learn how to best network with those in and out of your circle, and utilize those connections for future career opportunities. For more guidance on networking, schedule an appointment with the Career Center in Handshake.

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Develop Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30 second professional statement about your experiences, interests, and strengths and how you can make a difference for an employer. It is your opportunity to tell them how you uniquely can make an impact in their workplace.

Learn about how to create a standout elevator pitch

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Informational Interviewing

The best way to learn about a career is to talk to someone who’s actually doing what you’re interested in! Informational interviews are conversations where you get an insider perspective by speaking to a working professional in the role or industry you are interested in.

See our guide to get started!

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Interview Preparation

Interviews can be intimidating, but with the practice and preparation, be able to nail the interview. 

Biola offers a free interview preparation tool called Big Interview for current students. Just create a free account on Big Interview with your Biola email address.

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Professional Dress

Professional attire is important because it is expected at every job interview, career fair or professional event. It shows respect and creates the impression that you are confident and ready for new opportunities.

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Job Offers and Acceptance

After doing a lot of research and preparing for your interviews, it has all paid off and you have an offer in front of you. Congrats! Now is the time to finish the process and inform them on your decision. But how exactly do you go about doing that? Read our guide for tips on next steps.

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Create an Online Portfolio

A professional ePortfolio is a unique opportunity to showcase your experience and learning online to both employers and graduate programs for future job, internship and educational opportunities.

See our guide to get started!

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Graduate School Preparation

Are you thinking about applying to grad school but not sure where to start? The Career Center has a list of resources for you to reference and use as a guideline for graduate school preparation. Feel free to also make an appointment with a Career Specialist for additional guidance.

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