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Traveling With Dependents/Children

If you are coming to Biola with children then you will need to enroll them in some form of schooling, fitting for their age. Kids are required to start school between the ages of 6–18 in California, so you will need to enroll them as part of your process in transitioning to Biola.

Home schooling is an option but is much more expensive than public school unless you or your spouse have the time and proper education to function as teachers.

In order to enroll your kids you will have to contact the school personally. This can be done through this link. you search for the city that you live in and you will find a list of schools.

If you have questions, take a look at this website first: If there are still questions, please reach out to someone within GSPD.

There are some other important links from the U.S. government that can be helpful.